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icon meme and a celebration of failure

SO this morning I did something I have never done before -- dropped a course! It was Psychology of Women, which was pretty interesting, but I didn't do well on the 50% midterm and while I'm not sure about grad school yet there's no reason to have a random elective dragging down my GPA that much. It was basically the ideal drop scenario in that it was a class with a midterm and a final and nothing else, so I haven't wasted any time doing assignments that now count for nothing. In the past I assumed I would never drop a course because it would feel like FAILURE. Actually it just feels sort of like freedom. FREEDOM TO FLOUNCE FROM A BAD GRADE aww yeah.

Anyway I also did that icon meme. I hoarded icons from fauxkaren, spud14 and firstofoct.

dw :: ten :: fire and ice and rage by foolish_icons
LOL this is easily my oldest icon now. By years. I can never bring myself to delete it because it is the icon I used when we posted Blood and Anger and Revenge and that makes it the best ever. It's Ten, but he's in the blue suit and you can't really see any definition beyond that, so it could totally be Cloen after blowing shit up.

disney :: PLEASE GOD NO WHY by simbada93
Disney makes the best reaction icons and this one is awesome. I haven't had cause to use it in a while, but it's always good to have on hand. Also, 101 Dalmatians was my first fandom WHAT UP.

misc :: the lesson is never try by inthe_sunshine
Obligatory Simpsons icon is also very appropriate for situations of frustration and/or disappointment.

dw :: rose :: bored now by IDK
I love this icon! I like the way it is coloured and that it uses a cap that is rarely used and also that it is such a good expression of boredom and/or general unimpressedness. Eat the chips, dinnerlady Rose.

dw :: rory :: spoiler alert by mouthsopen
A HIMYM quote on a Doctor Who icon! HURRAH. This is not as relevant to my interests as it once was but I still like it. Pus it is strangely accurate. And the Pandorica scenes are pretty.

p&r :: geeze jerry by mm3butterfly
I love Parks & Rec and I love April. This is one of my favourite lines. Good sitcom icons that are both pretty and use text well are SO hard to find but I love them because I watch sitcoms for the jokes. Obviously. This icon is pretty AND disdainful so win-win!

dw :: ten/rose :: great wide somewhere by icons_of_isis
I like this icon because the landscape is so pretty and you get teenytiny Doctor/Rose travelling and having fun and the text addresses the ~scope of the show which is something I tend to not think about often. And it makes Belle's first song in Beauty and the Beast get stuck in my head, hence the keywords.

dw :: ten/rose :: in the face of danger by kasiopeiaicons
OH LOOK ANOTHER TEN/ROSE ICON WITH DISNEY KEYWORDS well done Karen. Anyway I like this one because yay! Laughing icon! I like the way the TARDIS blue stretches to the top of the frame -- it makes the icon prettier -- and I like the colours and the crop. DANGER? I LAUGH IN THE FACE OF DANGER! HAHAHA!

comm :: abed :: darkest of all timelines by letsey_x
I love this icon. I wanted an icon of Evil Abed so bad and this one is great because it is Evil Abed AND a quote and a lovely homage to the best episode ever. It's also sadly accurate now that we are in the darkest of all timelines, the one where Whitney is coming back midseason and Community isn't.

dw :: ten :: and i'll come running back colouritin
I think I uploaded this for a specific reason recently lolol but I love it. It was my default once back in the day! I like the "subject cut out against a solid colour background" thing (if you haven't noticed) and I like the way all that stands out is his face and his collared shirt. PLUS it is the face he makes WHEN HE SEES ROSE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS and it is wonderful and amazing. I was really annoyed that the keyword character limit didn't let me finish the "to you", though.

dw :: rose :: worth it by fallshadows
Tay criticized me for having so many blue icons so I guess the idea of a should-be-blue-but-isn't icon especially appealed! Plus everyone needs a crying Rose in Doomsday icon. The pink makes it look different from many of the other icons from this scene but it's still a nice crop and a nice icon. Aww Rose.

eng :: like shakespeare and verse by inthe_sunshine
New favourite icon tbh! It was one of those "leave me pictures to icon" requests and I really like what the maker did with it. ANYWAY it is David Tennant and Catherine Tate during the bows at one of the Much Ado performances and it is awesome, reminds me of happier times, they are both flawless and amazing and my favourites, etc. I'm always vaguely concerned someone will think I ship them in real life (because ICON MISREPRESENTATION is a serious issue worth a lot of thought obviously) but not enough to stop using this icon. The keywords are from this, for the one person who has maybe not heard it before.

For an icon meme that was really long.
Tags: community, doctor who, life the universe and everything, much ado about nothing (2011), parks & rec
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