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The Shadow in the North!

LOL So we watched 'The Shadow in the North'.

Haha, Francine Jones.

The things I remembered from the book basically included 'CHAKA OH MY GOD WHY', 'Isabelle ruins everything', 'Fred dies', 'Sally blows shit up'. The actual plot was not something I remembered very well so I forgot the random details.

Anyway, this movie wasn't very good. It was kind of the opposite of good. A lot of the ~intrigue~ of the books is lost when you just see people reading a newspaper on screen, or whatever.

Chaka dying made me cry in the books because YOU DON'T KILL THE DOG!!! and at first I was like "well this scene sucks", but then Billie Piper came on screen and sobbed and I may have gotten a little misty. Maybe. Dogs dying + Billie Piper's tears = I am powerless. I still think the scene in the book is better though because OMG CHAKA :( OMG HIM BEING ALL LIKE 'IT'S OKAY SALLY IS HERE NOW' AND THEN HE DIES OMG OMG

Comparatively, Fred's death was never as horrible to me. Especially because I spend the whole scene going ISABELLE YOU DUMB BITCH instead of NOOO FRED. I think the movie did it a little differently to how I remember, and also Billie Piper didn't cry as much as she did over the dog so I wasn't as sad. It was likewise convenient that Fred was only sort of covered in soot and not disfigured by the fire. And what the fuck was this part?

I BRING LIFE lol j/k bye fred


Mostly Fred's death meant that I was super excited to see Sally go all Time Lord Victorious on Bellman's ass on film. And she did shoot the fuck out of him after making a big speech, and it was awesome.


But I seem to recall Sally being IN the explosion in the book? Because for a minute you think she's dead? I may have misremembered. But whatever, when Jim came in I was like GO AWAY JIM, SHE IS BUSY TRYING TO BLOW UP THINGS AND/OR HERSELF IN GRIEF, NO ONE UNDERSTANDS HER PAIN

except maybe this guy

In conclusion, this was probably worse than the first film, but it also had parts that were more amusing. Does anyone have any particular suggestions for what we should look for next in our quest to WATCH ALL THE THINGS with Doctor Who alum?
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