Kali (_thirty2flavors) wrote,

sometimes we even watch things that don't have david tennant in them

LOL in our continuing quest to watch ALL THE THINGS with Doctor Who alum, firstofoct and I just watched The Ruby in the Smoke with Billie Piper and Matt Smith.

I read the books a while ago and enjoyed them, in part just because of my amusing mental images (like the bit where Jim hopped around between 'a ten year old', 'James Potter' and 'Matt Smith'). I think the plots are generally hard to follow and not that interesting, but my amusing mental images pushed me through and I ended up liking Tiger In the Well and Tin Princess quite a lot. TOO BAD THOSE ARE NOT THE MOVIES THEY MADE.

Anyway, I'd heard these adaptations were terrible, and this wasn't great. It was pretty slow in a lot of places, which is partly the fault of Pullman's plot but also just pacing issues I think.

I'm not really sure what's going on with Billie Piper's Sally. placebetween had mentioned that she was not fierce enough and I think I agree. THIS BAFFLES ME because I know that Billie Piper is fully capable of being the HBIC -- I mean, come on, Belle de Jour! -- so I am not sure what was going on here or why the director/whoever failed to notice that Sally Lockhart is a total BAMF and should be played as such. Is it to try and fit with the Victorian thing? IDK but I wish she had more Rose Tyler/Hannah Baxter-esque spunk in this. I guess Sally is mostly depressed as shit in this book, but still.

On the other hand Matt Smith delighted me as J Taylor, Esq even if he was like fifteen years older than he was meant to be. J Taylor Esq is always delightful, and this is the first non-Who thing I've seen Matt Smith in so it was amusing to notice his actor quirks -- like the twirling! And the nose tapping. Is this when he and Billie were dating? I'm going to assume it is because it cracks me up. ~OTP~

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, I can't help laughing my ass off at J Taylor Esq losing Adelaide. I mean, I knew it happened, but it was so much more hilar with Matt Smith playing Jim and in light of series 6. GOD ELEVEN, WHY DOES ANYONE TRUST YOU WITH CHILDREN? And then omg at the end he's all "I'll find her!" LOL. NO, YOU WON'T. AND THEN ONE DAY YOU WILL HAVE SEX WITH HER. Why does this keep happening to you, Matt Smith. I am never letting you near my imaginary children.

Anyway, soon we will watch Shadow in the North as well. That book made me cry, so bring it, Billie Piper.
Tags: billie piper's tears are my kryptonite, books: best weapons in the world, do i need to make actor tags?, hannah leads a double life, project watch all the things
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