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this is the best show i've ever seen in my entire life.






Oh Community, you know the way to my heart. I'm half-convinced this is a nod to FMM, since people kept tweeting Troy's win over Eleven to Dan Harmon and Dan Harmon, much like Steven Moffat, is a douchebag showrunner who reads people's Tweets and gets butthurt.

I have to say though, those gags were my favourite part of this episode. I know that the style of the show and its ensemble nature meant that Pierce would be back, but jesus god this whole episode I was just like TEAM JEFF, IDEC. Pierce was absolutely awful to everyone last season and it makes no sense that everyone forgives him two seconds later. Annie's puppy eyes over the idea of abandoning their old racist friend (to more succinctly quote Jeff) irritated me -- in general Annie just kind of irritated me in this episode, I guess because when Britta is portrayed as a bleeding heart it's usually in jest and parody, but with Annie it's almost always played straight but half the time I come away finding her naive and kind of irritating. ANNIE, PIERCE WAS TERRIBLE ALL THE TIME. STOP WITH THE DISNEY PRINCESS EYES.

Anyway, but I understand the format of the show and the ensemble nature and that it requires Chevy Chase for some reason. In reality I'm pretty sure it doesn't. IDK, if Pierce is going to stay around being a jackass can he at least go back to being a funny one? Plz & ty.

II. I saw Lion King in 3D tonight and it was fucking awesome.

III. I'm actually writing a fic! And by "writing" I mean "slowly over the last twelve months I've hacked away at it and might be nearing the end". That makes it sound really epic, but it'll probably be like two thousand word. ANYWAY, I am mentioning this because at some point I am going to need a beta who is familiar with SJA and/or Classic Who -- I guess basically just familiar with Sarah Jane outside the context of those couple New Who episodes she's been on (which I have seen). I haven't written much Sarah Jane before and I want to get her right or at least in the general vicinity of right. Any takers? It's not done yet but hopefully in the next day or two, and as I said it won't be much longer than 2000 words.
Tags: community, disney owns the rights to my childhood, doctor who, fanfiction
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