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mostly game of thrones tbh

I. Omg, summer is flying by. It is already the 14th of July! (Happy...? Bastille Day fyi.) Basically I imagine the rest of the term will be over in no time. This weekend is Harry Potter, then a waterpark on Sunday (and it's going to be hot as balls and I am already fearing for my poor, pale skin tbh) and then two weeks later I have another long weekend (lol ty Not Jean Baptiste Day) and then it is AUGUST and I leave on the 24th and life is good, basically.

II. Except that there is a LUDICROUS amount of mosquitos in my area right now. Wtf? I mean, like, literally as soon as you step out the door two or three follow you. IMMEDIATELY. Like they have been waiting. Ughhh it's disgusting and creepy. I got bit on the face waiting for the bus this morning. The other worst thing about bugs is that while I stand waiting for the bus and flail around because mosquitos are everywhere, everyone else seems to either not care or not notice. It's like when it's 45 degrees with humidex and I am the only one red-faced and sweaty. I don't understaaaand.

III. But mostly this post exists because I finished Game of Thrones last night.

I am a little sad I finished this show because NOW WHAT WILL I WATCH...other than Torchwood I guess. Okay, thoughts in no particular order:

  • I knew two things about the show via my fandom osmosis: Ned dies, and at some point the dirty blonde lady has a dragon on her shoulder. The longer I watched, the more it became obvious these things would come to pass as climaxes. But actually, I expected Ned to die in episode 10, so that surprised me, and I also expected that somehow Dany would pop out a dragon (singular) so having her burn herself in a Time Lord funeral pyre and come out with 3 dragons was at least quasi-surprising.
  • Even by the end I found Daenerys/Drogo sort of bizarre. They were kind of cute towards the end? And "MOON OF MY LIFE" and "MY SUN AND MY STARS" are the most hilarious pet names ever. But then I would remember the whole rapey begining and would just feel weird about it, I don't know. I was unsure at first whether Daenerys was desperate for him to live because he was her ticket to power (and safety) in Dothraki society or because she loved him, but the longer it went on the more it seemed pretty clear that she loved him. And when that one dude tried to poison her and Drogo was all OMG NO ONE MESSES WITH THE MOON OF MY LIFE I thought it was sort of sweet and... then he was like I WILL RAPE EVERYONE IN REVENGE and I was like... oh... well... nevermind. In conclusion, IDK.
  • I did like Daenerys' conversation with the witch lady where she was all "but I saved you!" and the witch lady was like "bitch you destroyed my village and killed/enslaved everyone I know, what do you expect".
  • LOL Filch. You are in everything.
  • Omfg Cat's cray-cray sister breastfeeding her 10-year-old: SQUICKEST MOMENT OF THE SHOW SO FAR Y/Y. The blood and guts and gore do not bother me at all but euugggggggggggh so much DNW. Even, like, the idea of filming that creeps me out. Do not want, ever.
  • My favourites when I made my last post were Daenerys, Arya and Tyrion and that never really changed. I did find that around episode 8 or 9 I started to really like Robb and kind of decided he is the superior of the pretty emo Stark boys. Sorry, Jon, but at least you are hilarious.
  • The Malfoys Lannisters continue to be the worst, other than Tyrion. Cersei's... everything is obnoxious, like the way she speaks in that sickly-sweet manipulative way, it is very ~villainous~ but likewise super annoying. Jamie (or is that "Jaime", ugh fantasy literature) still matches my visualization of Lockhart. And Joffrey, ugh, diaf. LOL the kid who plays him is good at making him incredibly unlikable in every way, I have heard he gets like heckled and whatever on the streets lirl poor dude.
  • I still don't really ...have many feelings towards Sansa, other than feeling bad for her situation and sort of hoping she would push Draco off a bridge. Like, I feel bad for her because EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE but I still find her kind of boring and stuff IDK.
  • Episode 9 was when shit got real for me, and comparatively I thought episode 10 was a bit... not exactly disappointing but a bit anticlimatic. It was all set-up for the next season, I get that, but it felt like the only plot thread that advanced significantly was Daenerys' while everyone else was more or less where we saw them in episode 9. Well, except poor Arya off to masquerade as an orphan boy. ILU Arya (and RIP Inigo Montoya, who I also enjoyed though I kept wondering why he did not take one of the dead knights' swords rather than keep fighting with a piece of wood).
  • Overall, this show is just really well done. HBO budgets always make me laugh because they... are quite high. (Though that one God Tree is HILARIOUS looking idk why.)

I think that's... it? I don't know, a lot of stuff happened but I forget lots of it now. I guess up next I get to debate whether I want to read the books or not. To be honest, my default opinion is "not" and I think if it weren't for the possibility of stumbling across spoilers I would stick with "not" -- I imagine I would enjoy season 2 more without knowing everything that's going to happen.

But the probability of getting to next summer without finding out everything that's going to happen one way or another isn't very high, and I guess it's better to read it in book-form than in LJ-comment form. I dunno. I might put it off for as long as I can, though. I'm not truthfully that interested in the books, in part because of the fanfic shenanigans; every time I find out about an author whose stuff I haven't read going on about how fanfic is TERRIBLE NO GOOD AND WRONG I add them to this mental list of "lol nevermind" because I find that attitude so obnoxious, and Martin has been on that list for years. And I hear he has an lj? LOL great, everything I want in a fandom.

I went looking for icons and in my brief cursory venture I found a billion of Daenerys and Jon and like 3 of anyone else. Predictable but boring, internet. I like Daenerys a lot but Jon and his pout are boring. Needs moar Arya and Tyrion tbh.
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