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montreal, game of thrones + top 5 bromances

I. I spent Canada Day with sweetcherrytree! Finally! The world did not implode in a paradox so possibly we have Steven Moffat to thank. Canada Day in Quebec is hilarious to me, because being both Ontarian and from the nation's capital I am used to UNENDING PATRIOTISM and a SEA OF RED AND WHITE but lol that is not how Quebec rolls. There were lots of bouncy castles for children (PRINCESS PALACE for girls and CREEPY MEAN DOG THING for boys, thanks world) and someone gave me a little paper flag and then Kelly and I celebrated with a Canada Day nap because it was hot as balls. There was this one point when we were waiting for the fireworks when the DJ was having technical difficulty and to pass the time he was like LET'S SING O CANADA!! and the crowd made it through one line before abandoning ship.

Kelly also provided me a Snuggie to sleep in which lol is the first time I have used a Snuggie. They are hilarious. It is like you are a sleepy wizard.

II. At Kelly's I also saw the first four episodes of Game of Thrones, and since I've come home I've caught up to episode 6. I'll probably make a more complete post when I finish the season but here are some basic thoughts. I am liking this show a lot more than I thought I would -- I expected to find it very dull because I find most Ye Olde Politiks shows really boring, but I guess there is enough HBO-style blood and sex to keep me paying attention, lol. I think watching with Kelly was really convenient because I could just ask her to clarify who everyone was and what was going on whenever I was confused, and now I can mostly manage on my own though there are some characters whose names I do not know at all.

Random thoughts:
  • I started calling Joffrey "Draco" and I have no plans to stop. It is too accurate. The actor is literally like a Harry/Draco fanart come to life and he is such a whiny, spoilt little shit and lololol it just cracks me up. Cersei can be Narcissa too tbh, I mean the whole wank with Arya and the wolf was basically like Buckbeak except now with more injustice, gdi Draco. DOGS DYING IS THE SADDEST THING so I was very distressed by this whole event.
  • Speaking of, I want an attack wolf!
  • Harry Lloyd's character was hysterical and he just died at the end of the episode I just watched and I am upset because he brought me so much entertainment. The combo of him being Baines and also being a whiny manchild with delusions of grandeur who called himself "the dragon" was just so funny. I knew he was going to die, but still, NOW WHO WILL REFER TO THEMSELVES IN THIRD PERSON AS 'THE DRAGON'? I am hoping Daenerys starts.
  • I like Daenerys and I'm appreciating her development but I'm still sort of side-eyeing that she and her husband are now kind of tight. I mean, good for her I guess for learning to use her position in the Dothraki society to her advantage? Being ~Kaleesi~ or whatever. But also like... the rape scenes and the subsequent love (?), idk. Curious to see how it plays out, though I am predicting she will become a badass warrior queen.
  • Arya is fucking awesome too. I really like her in general but I was especially pleased with the scene where she talks to her daddy about how her brothers get to be knights and shit and what does she get? and he's all WELL YOU CAN MARRY A GREAT MAN AND HAVE GREAT SONS :D and she's like WTF THAT'S NOT ME THOUGH. Poor Arya and the shitty society she lives in. Also, throwing Draco's sword in the lake ftw.
  • Sansa on the other hand ugh. I mean, I'm finding Sansa/Draco really hysterical and such but I am always torn between "lol" and "I think you're 14 and you're an idiot". And her "wait, I just realized I don't care" bit with the nurse (???) or whatever didn't seem badass to me, if it was supposed to, it seemed pointlessly rude. When Arya is bratty she usually has good reason to be bratty. Sansa was just sulking.
  • lol Jon Snow and his emo face
  • I also really enjoy Tyrion, which I am told is a really popular opinion, but I can see why. He is pretty chill and hilarious.
  • The thing about a cast this large is that there are some characters I care about more than others and so when you have an episode focusing mostly on the characters I care less about, I am obviously less interested. Littlefinger (...worst name tbh) and Ned and Robert and whoever, I do not care so much when it is all about them. I want more Daenerys and her hilarious brother (~RIP~ dragon), more Tyrion, and more Arya. On the other hand, I haven't seen Jon in ages and no1curr frankly. I haven't found the balance to be too bad yet, but I know there was an episode one or two back that I found sort of dull because it focused on the characters I am ambivalent towards. The only characters I actively dislike so far are Cersei and Draco and whatever (YOU KILLED AN ADORABLE INNOCENT ATTACKWOLF, GRUDGE 4EVER) but they're sort of ~the villains~ rn so I guess that is to be expected.

III. Lastly, more meme:
Top 5 Bromances for johnmayergirl23

Apparently I pay attention to fewer bromances than I realized, because I got to like... 2 and was like "what now?"

5. Harry Potter & Ron Weasley (Harry Potter)

art by twirlynoodle

It may surprise you that this is not higher, given how much I love Harry Potter. But I was never that in love with the trio in particular, and of the trio Hermione was my favourite so ... sorry, boys. But LOL no one can deny the depth of their bromance. Apparently the thing 14-year-old Harry would miss most in the world would be Ron.

4. Marshall Eriksen & Barney Stinson & Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother)

I could not pick two in particular, because I remember back in the day when this show didn't suck I liked Marshall and Barney's interactions a lot and I find Ted generally kind of annoying. But he has some good bro moments with both of them, so it can be a three-way bromance I guess.

3. James Potter & Sirius Black (Harry Potter)

art by twirlynoodle

Omg I almost wrote this entire list and forgot about them, which is shameful given the many thousands of words of fanfiction I have written on this very topic. I could probably have just listed "the Marauders in general" but tbqh I was always the most invested in James and Sirius in particular. I mean, Sirius goes actually crazy when James dies which is apparently something I like?

2. Troy Barnes & Abed Nadir (Community)

TROY AND ABED IN THE MOOOORNING. The Troy/Abed bromance is pretty legendary and clearly a cornerstone of Community's... everything. Their scenes together are typically among my favourite and I think it is quite safe to say I am more invested in their friendship than I am or ever will be in the romantic ships on this show.

Also this video exists and is hilarious:

1. John Dorian & Christopher Turk (Scrubs)

JD and Turk wrote the song about bromance. Literally. It does not get any more bromantic than this:

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