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top 5 celebrities i would hang out with + some other stuff

I. My internet at home is not working. This is incredibly distressing, especially with the long weekend and subsequent surplus of free time coming up. Even more distressing is the fact that I was like "well I can write fic I guess" and then remembered that no, actually all my WIPs are GoogleDocs and I cannot access them. DAMN YOU TECHNOLOGY AND MY UTTER RELIANCE ON YOU.

II. My internet is complicating matters but we are half-way through series 3 in our rewatch and my main thought rn is HOW CAN ANYONE HATE MARTHA JONES, she is so fabulous, ugh internet you don't know what you're missing.

III. I bought my plane ticket to England! shinyopals ARE YOU READY FOR THIS. I must say though, I have never bought a plane ticket before (the one time I've flown it was included in a big package deal lump sum school trip thing) and now I see why. That shit is expensive. Do they not realize that as a Canadian I have an intrinsic desire to leave the country at least twice a year?

IV. More top 5s! I am almost done. I have a bromance one to post but I want youtube clips and stuff and I'm not getting that at work, either. BUT placebetween wanted Top 5 celebrities I would like to hang out with at home. No pictures because I am at work and googling all these people feels awkward, so you'll just have to deal with my ~words.

Okay no they won't, but I did decide this question is a little bit different than just "top 5 celebrities I fangirl" or whatever. "Hang out with at home" implies a level of SUAVE COOLNESS I would not be capable of around some celebrities. (This is all theoretical, of course. In reality I am sure I would be equally as incoherent with these people as I would be around people who otherwise rank higher on my interest list. Especially if how babbly I became upon meeting Sara Gruen, an author whose work I had never read, is any indication.)

So, five celebrities I would like to hang out with without feeling like I am staring into the sun:

5. Robert Pattinson

I hesitated adding him to the list but both goldy_dollar and shinyopals confirmed my decision so here he is. I do not fangirl RPattz. I think he is attractive, occasionally, in a very sort of passive way. Edward Cullen is terrible and while I have only seen RPattz in "Twilight" (and briefly Harry Potter) I remain unconvinced he's capable of acting or that he posesses any remarkable talent. His Twilight insults, while hilarious, are also very unprofessional.

But I am so curious! He so clearly hates his job and his life! He is hilariously self-depreciative and seems well aware of everything bad about Twilight. So I think he would be fascinating and plenty entertaining to hang out with.

4. Mindy Kaling
I wanted some sort of female comedy writer representation on this list but Mindy wins out because she is the one who a) interests me the most while also b) intimidating me the least. THIS LIST IS VERY PRACTICAL OKAY. Also, I need a non-British person tbh.

Anyway, so Mindy it is. I like Mindy Kaling a lot. She's had a few off-colour jokes here and there but she is also a successful comedy writer on network television who is both a) a woman and b) not white, so she is basically a unicorn. Plus, due to being a successful comedy writer, we can assume she is pretty funny. As you will notice on this list, "funny" is like my no. 1 requirement. We could eat cupcakes together.

3. Matt Smith

Matt Smith just strikes me as such a hilarious person, which is like two thirds him seeming quite funny and charming and one third him being a hipster and therefore unintentionally hilarious. Although I occasionally find him attractive depending on his hair, his outfit and the alignment of the planets, mostly I just think he seems like a pretty chill dude and I would like to eat popcorn and watch movies with him.

He did also make that awkward comment about the Doctor and women, though, which suggests he may have spent too much time with Steven Moffat, so he has been knocked down the list.

2. Karen Gillan
Karen Gillan seems like the sweestest person. She is one of few actors I prefer to their fictional counterpart. I am pretty dazzled by her, and I think she is the only one of the New New Who cast who has never given me a case of side-eye. She seems really fun and still too bright-eyed and young to be totally caught up in her own success, and she is just unfailingly adorable in interviews and in the clips I've seen from Confidential. Plus, she ships Ten/Rose and watches Summer Heights High, so I think we're well-equipped to be buds. We could watch Fear Her together!

1. Daniel Radcliffe
Weirdly, Dan Radcliffe is actually the first person that came to mind when I saw this top 5, which is why he's #1. Like Matt Smith, Dan Rad is just unendingly hilarious and actually I find him even more hilarious and endearing than Matt Smith since none of Dan Rad's amusement value comes from being hipster-larious. Dan Rad is just funny, and seems like such a nice down-to-earth guy for someone who has been megafamous since the age of 10 or whatever.
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