December 27th, 2017


unlocking the tomb of the ancients

Hey what's up livejournal I totally thought I'd forgotten my password entirely and would never return but apparently Firefox remembered it for me?

Anyhow, if anyone is actually still using this and has my dusty old account on their friends list, you may care to know that I have basically entirely migrated to Tumblr -- you can find me there as oodlyenough, where you can also see how about a year ago I tripped and fell into video games as my new Thing, and that in 2017 I wrote a lot of fic for a niche ship in a niche video game fandom. Steven Moffat managed to outlast my ability to care about Doctor Who, although perhaps things will turn again next fall with Jodie Whittaker.

Anyway, come say hi or whatever! Happy new year!

For posterity, though, and since I just did it on Tumblr, here's my 2017 fandom year in review meme:

1. Your main fandom of the year:
(Tales from the) Borderlands??? Somehow??? Who knew. I can’t believe I played this game back in like February man, this is the first thing in years to hold my attention span for that long and it’s a fandom of a dozen people, but I’m happy to have one; incidentally my answer for 2015 was to have an existential crisis about not having a fandom.
2. Your favorite film this year: Probably Get Out. What an excellent film
3. Your favorite book this year: Lmfao I honestly don’t think I read a single book in 2017. I read a lot of fanfiction?
4. Your favorite album or song this year: Actually FROM 2017? That’s hard because my new thing is, obviously, to get into stuff two years late, in which case the answer is probably Canadian icon Carly Rae Jepsen’s EMOTION.
5. Your favorite TV show this year: Orphan Black, but if we wanna give it to a show I watched for the first time this year, Wynonna Earp. “Shows I watched in 2017″ is an incredibly short list.
6. Your favorite LJ community Tumblr this year: LMAO
7. Your best new fandom discovery of the year: Tales from the Borderlands obviously, can’t believe this dumb Telltale game I adamantly ignored for two years and only purchased accidentally via a bundle wound up being my fave thing in ages.
8. Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year: Before the Storm. I mean, I could’ve guessed that a Life is Strange prequel was a messy, bad idea, but it could’ve at least been executed way better than it was. It can’t even stand on its own two feet as a decent game, let alone as a functional prequel.
9. Your TV boyfriend of the year: I didn’t watch tv anymore so like, I’ll assume this means “fictional media boyfriend” in which case the horrible horrible truth is Rhys.
10. Your TV girlfriend of the year: Using the same criteria above, tbh all of my Laura Bailey wives but particularly Fiona (Man, my answer to everything in 2015 was “Jessica Jones”.)
11. Your biggest squee moment of the year: I had to think about this one because I’m not really a person who experiences the emotion that was once described as “squee” but I’ll go with meeting Freema Agyeman after Apologia. Doctor Who bingo card complete!
12. Your most missed old fandom: I feel about Doctor Who the way I assume people feel about ex lovers they are truly 100% over and just wish well – like, nostalgic but detached.
13. Your fandom you haven’t tried yet, but want to? Eh the fandoms I love most are always things that blindside me. I’ve vaguely been meaning to watch The Good Place for ages but I’m not that motivated and I also am unlikely to be fan-y about it.
14. Your biggest anticipation of the New Year: The Last of Us II!!!! I can’t wait to crush zombie skulls as my lesbian daughter Ellie and/or her buff ass mom Laura Bailey. Also Jessica Jones season 2, the Walking Dead Game s4, uhHhh tentatively the Max/Chloe “farewell” episode but the rest of BTS left me wary.