December 11th, 2010

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oh christmas troy, oh christmas troy

I. SO... I have a thread at the Holiday Love Meme. If I remember correctly I did this last year and it was cute/fun, so I am doing it again. I've also been lurking through the pages to see if there's anyone else I know. Do it! Everyone likes having anonymous people say nice things and Christmas is a good excuse for narcissism.

II. I just finished watching the Christmas episode of The Office and I thought it was great. This season has been so much better than the previous two, probably because the writers have some sense of purpose again, and it's so sad that the show is going to continue beyond this season in order to slowly dissolve into flames, just like Scrubs and That 70s Show and every other comedy that has foolishly believed it could survive after the lead actor wants out. It's too bad because then you leave the long-term fans with a lasting impression of "wtf?" when you could have gone out with ~dignity~. Britain, I make fun of your hilarious tv schedules all the time, but at least you usually seem to sense when enough is enough.

III. I also watched Misfits. Collapse )

IV. Omg, we got my dog's hair clipped for the first time in his life. My mom did not tell me she was doing this today, because she wanted to surprise me I guess, and so some stranger-dog came to greet me when I got home from work, wearing a bandana. It is SO WEIRD. There was a second or so when I considered the possibility that some other dog was in my house (this is not unheard of). It is literally like some mysterious other dog has replaced ours and is just living in our house for some reason. I'll post a before/after picture once I get some.

He looks very poodley now, whereas before he was just kind of a big mop of hair. I actually think it makes him look cleverer, but maybe that's just because I associate poodles with being smart and mops with being mops.