October 19th, 2008

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fic: a discourse on alien physiology, with donna noble

Title: A Discourse on Alien Physiology, With Donna Noble
Rating: PG
Genre: Humour, gen.
Spoilers: Takes place before "The Sontaran Stratagem", so not really.
Characters/Pairings: Donna and the Doctor, with subtle (or not) hints of Doctor/Rose and Doctor/Martha
Summary: Through a bit of prying, Donna learns some basics about Time Lord physiology. Set within season 4, sometime between "Planet of the Ood" and "The Sontaran Stratagem".
Excerpt: Even as she says it, Donna realizes it is probably quite rude to repeat someone’s age so many times in a single conversation. But really, she figures, it’s just as rude to go around looking like that when you’re a bloody millennium old, so they’re even.

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