September 6th, 2008

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So Kelly (sweetcherrytree and I are on Skype discussing the Twilight/Doctor Who fic I stumbled upon once, which of course led to us discussing the general possibilities inherent in a Doctor Who/Twilight fic and all the hilarity that would ensue. In sum:

  • The Doctor would be convinced they're aliens who need to be returned to their planet of origin because of the threat they pose to the life on Earth
  • The combination of the Jedi mind tricks of the Doctor/Bella/Edward: Edward would, of course, be completely mindblown by reading the Doctor's mind, and the Doctor would be less than impressed with Bella's memories (and she would be greatly disturbed to discover her Love Sheild does not work)
  • The Doctor and Alice would get in a huge debate over the concept of time and its constant state of flux, as well as her "I can see the future" vs "I CAN SEE ALL THAT EVER WAS/IS/COULD BE,BITCH PLZ"
  • The Doctor would quite like Carlisle and Esme because they are very ~compassionate~ and that is a big selling point with him, really, but Carlisle and Esme are not sure that they approve of him because of his tendency to commit genocide
  • Kelly and I were wondering if the Doctor's two hearts make him more delicious and meaty or if he'd be gross because he's not strictly human. Probably the vampires would be convinced there was another human present somewhere and would be incredibly frustrated at their inability to find him/her.
  • An argument between Edward and the Doctor over a) who is more awesome and b) who has a suckier life
    -i'm such a monster vs. i've committed genocide several times (often with the same species) and destroyed my own planet
    -i've put the life of my one true love in danger vs. i've put the planet in danger
    -i'm so old -- 17 for 100 years to be exact vs. psh, kiddo, over 900, and on my 10th body
    -i've nearly committed suicide since i had to be away from my one true love vs. she was in a parallel universe and i have an obligation to save the universe as the last Time Lord, AND i'd outlive them all anyway
    -at least i'm married to my one true love vs. the first one i gave away to my clone, the other one is locked in a virtual reality
    -people have died because of my child vs. several people (AND ALIENS) have died because of me
    -i have a magical half-vampire baby who is smart and awesome vs. i have a fully grown genetically engineered daughter trained in combat who was born wearing perfect eyeliner
    -the volturi don't really like us vs. my enemies keep coming back to life and trying to destroy me and earth
    -i have a family that i don't deserve vs. i am doomed to be alone for the rest of my life
    -my best friend is my annoying sister vs. my best friend nearly died cause she inherited my brain so i had to wipe her memories and can never see her again
    -my wife calls me a beautiful statue of adonis vs. i have great hair (although it isn't ginger. *jealous, for the first and last time*)

Yes this is how we spend our Saturday nights, apparently.