August 18th, 2008

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"no one understands meeee," he would seethe

I am bored, kids. I'm writing fic but it is slow going and not as entertaining as it usually is. (Also, while writing said fic, I rewatched the bit from "Sound of Drums" where the Doctor talks about Gallifrey, and I had completely forgotten how absolutely hilarious all the names are. The continent of Wild Endeavour? THE MOUNTAINS OF SOLACE AND SOLITUDE? Srsly, guys? GALLIFREY, WHY SO SERIOUS? I imagine whomever named it getting hassled by the others, like, "Really? The Nightmare Child? Really?" and his defense being like, "YES I AM DOING THAT 'EMO BULLSHIT', I CAN FEEL IF I WANT TO!" Oh, Growing Up Cullen, you are quotable already.)

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