July 7th, 2008

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fic: made of the same stuff -- doctor who

Title: Made of the Same Stuff
Rating: Oh, just G
Length: 753
Spoilers?: Yes! Gigantic, spoilery spoilers for Journey's End.
Characters & Pairings: Jackie, Tony, Rose/Ten2
Summary: Four days after Norway, Jackie Tyler talks to her daughter.
Excerpt: “It was the same with your father, you know,” Jackie says four days after Norway, because in all the confusion of worlds being saved and the Tyler women bringing home a different man, four days later is the first chance she gets.

Also, here's some shameless whoring for needs_saying if you actually happen to be one of the few who didn't absolutely loathe the Ten/Rose conclusion in Journey's End.

Author's Notes: So this is the second time I've ever written for this fandom, and the first time was about 100 words. So I still feel very awkward about it and very unfamiliar with... everything. Which, um, makes me nervous, and such, but I fear it might become more of a habit. So do let me know how it is!

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dw :: ten :: aloha

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I just got the "call me in ten minutes, I'm going to pretend you're my mom" text from my friend who was on a date.