July 4th, 2008

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you left all the lights burning but nobody's home

This was so disorganized I decided to make it a list, a la spadul and inksplotched nad everyone else from Twilight on my flist, ha.

1.I bought the new Alkaline Trio CD! It's been like... years... since I bought a new CD, it's pretty exciting. Huzzah for new music of the legally purchased variety! I've only listened through once so far but I seem to like it so... rock on, Alkaline Trio. I kind of neglected you for a very long time. Oops.

While I was at CD warehouse looking for the album, I noticed they had the second season of Doctor Who -- that's the first time I've seen it, or indeed anything Doctor Who related ove here -- for the LOW LOW PRICE of $115. What the hell? $115? Fail. I know full seasons are expensive, but they're usually in the neighbourhood of $50-$60. I GUESS I'LL JUST KEEP STREAMING FROM RANDOM ASIAN SITES, F U BBC.

2. I finally used a portion of my Chapters gift card and got The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, because classic lit makes me feel smart and the cover was pretty? I AM SO DEEP. Actually it's also because I have a "you have to interest me in the first two pages" rule and she won at that, plus I've had people recommend it to me before. And anyway I'm goign to have to read it in the future at some point. That said I've still got $24 -- suggestions?

3. I started watching How I Met Your Mother after repeated insistances from Joe that it is THE GREATEST SHOW EVER OMG. ...it's not. But it is pretty entertaining, even if it's not much more than your average sitcom. I think I just like Barney. Once upon a time I saw an icon of Ten that said "suit up!" and I wish I had somehow foreseen the future when I would want that icon and saved it.

4. I think this is another instance of "I want to update but I don't have anything to say, really". So for the couple of you I've picked up in friending memes (I am addicted, it's disgusting) --- hellooo! To give you the brief overview I'm Kali, I'm Canadian (if the Canada Day post didn't give it away) and I'm a student which is not really as exciting as it sounds. Probably the only contribution I make to fandom ever is the occasional fanfic, and I mention this primarily because anythingbutgrey didn't know that I write for about fifty years and that makes me sad inside because once-upon-a-time I was actually prolific and I identified as someone who wrote, and now people on my flist don't even know? QUELLE HORREUR. Other than that, um, I'm boring.

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5. ...Tomorrow/today is Saturday! I'm excited for the finale, but also kind of sad because when this is over I'll be devoid of OMG speculation and fandomness for quite some time. Damn.