June 19th, 2008

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obligatory fandom post

Mostly I just want to pimp a couple things:

The Harry Potter Drabble-a-thon! Because I know all you HP fans are mourning the days of fandom activity and sending jealous stares in the general direction of Twilight, so go! Drabble away! Remember that other better fantasy series you used to love! HURRAH!

Um, I think that's it? I'd offer up fic but I haven't really got any. I'm sort of slowly making my way through that meme and eventually I'll get there, maybe. Or something. I don't know, go find my muse and then we'll talk.

Also, how excited am I for the remaining three episodes of Doctor Who and/or Rose's return in general? If you guessed "stupidly" or any synonym thereof, you are correct, my friend.