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top 5 female characters & top 5 slim and foxy ten episodes

I. Since someone on my flist might know: David Tennant reading The Philosopher's Stone -- why does this exist and where can I find more?

II. Hmm, tbh there is not much to update about my life recently. Mostly I have been going to work and occasionally getting into wank at doctorwho and then sending links to placebetween. So here are some more top 5s:

fauxkaren wanted my Top 5 Female Characters.

Okay, this was embarrassingly hard, because while I had a couple obvious choices, I also wanted some variety, and while there are tonnes of female characters I really like there aren't many who feel ~worthy~ to be listed next to some of the other ones. It's hard for characters from things I don't fandom to compete with characters from things I do fandom -- the difference between "I think she is awesome" and "BE MY WIFE ON THE ASTRAL PLANE", I guess. I felt a bit better when I tried to think of my top 5 male characters and didn't have much luck there either.

5. Leslie Knope (Parks & Recreation)


I feel a bit weird putting Leslie in, since I've only been watching Parks & Rec for a few months, but I'm so consistently dazzled by her character and what her character represents that I figured she's earned it. When I first watched the pilot of P&R way back when it aired, I got the immediate impression she was a female Michael Scott and had zero interest in the show. When I finally was convinced to rewatch, I was pleasantly surprised to discover she's basically the anti-Michael.

Characters like Leslie -- women who are in love with their job and good at it and respected for it, not in spite of it -- are sadly hard to come by. She's not the "lead female" of the show, she is the lead. Her coworkers don't share her enthusiasm for the job, but they recognize its value and realize that they'd be doomed without her. She actually gets recognized for her success and competency at her job by the people in the show. The show pokes fun at her workaholic tendencies without making her passion out to be pathetic or desperate or ~hiding a deeper desire for marriage and babies. Leslie is a self-described feminist who follows through on those values without that being the butt of jokes. She subscribes to "ovaries before brovaries" and she's more of a Harry Potter girl. A character like that shouldn't be so hard to come by, but unfortunately it is, so I give Leslie the number 5 spot for the simple reason that we need more like her.

4. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

Oh, Hermione, you are the bomb. Poor Hermione is one of those characters I didn't really appreciate when reading the series but appreciate a LOT on re-reads. She was always my favourite of the Trio, but I was typically so distracted by eveything else going on in the books and all the shiny minor characters that the Trio didn't get much attention from me.

However, on rereading, it becomes unquestionable truth that Hermione Granger is a complete and total badass. The wizarding world basically owes its continued existence to Hermione Granger more than Harry Potter, because without her he would've died like half-way into first year. I love that Hermione is brilliant-er than everyone around her but it's because she has to try, and I love that her rigid allows her room to grow and also ensures that the most competent character in the novels has realistic flaws. She gets to be kickass and heroic without being unrealistically invulnerable or the "cold detached genius" archetype. She is super well-meaning but doesn't always go about her liberation quests in the best way, and basically she is the best. HERMIONE GRANGER, CLEVEREST WITCH OF HER AGE.

3, 2, & 1. Rose Tyler, Martha Jones & Donna Noble (Doctor Who)

by bussbuss

I was going to put all three of them as space number one, but I was having a hard time filling the remaining spaces, so I'll just distribute the top three spots to these three in no particular order.

Rose, Martha and Donna are basically the best. Doctor Who has a far from spotless history when it comes to female characters, and even my preferred era has the occasional fail, I think Rose, Martha and Donna are absolutely fabulous because they are absolutely real and absolutely sympathetic and complex, flawed but still ultimately good. What appeals to me in particular about these characters is their ordinariness, because finding or unleashing the extraordinary in ordinary people is a theme I really like and appreciate. As much as it is cool to be the cleverest witch of your age, be The Chosen One (not a Buffy slight, ftr, just an archetype reference) or have superpowers or whatever, I think in the long run -- or at least for me personally -- characters like Rose, Martha and Donna are more ~empowering~ because they're more real. I can imagine meeting someone like Rose, Martha or Donna, and the idea that someone from a relatively mundane background can find incredible inner strength and do amazing things is hardly groundbreaking, but I think it's resonated for so long as a concept in literature and art and storytelling because there is something uplifting and inspiring about that idea.

Besides that, all three of them are wonderful. Rose bleeds empathy and her warmth and compassion and humanity counterbalance the Doctor's initial coolness and detachment. Martha is incredibly clever and quick on the up-take and her desire to help people gives her the patience to put up with the Doctor at his worst and save the world. Donna, for all her insecurities, stands up to the Doctor and challenges him and doesn't take shit from anyone.

Anyway here is a quote from RTD that sums it up nicely:

Rose is open, honest, heartfelt, to the point of being selfish, wonderfully selfish. Martha is clever, calm, but rarely says what she’s really thinking. Donna is blunt, precise, unfiltered, but with a big heart beneath all the banter. But we come back to what I was saying ages ago about turning characters. If Rose can be selfish, then her finest moments will come when she’s selfless. If Martha keeps quiet, then her moments of revelation - like her goodbye to the Doctor in Last of the Time Lords, or [when she’s] stuck with Milo and Cheen in Gridlock - make her fly. Donna is magnificently self-centred - not selfish, but she pivots everything around herself, as we all do — so when she opens up and hears the Ood song, or begs for Caecilius’ family to be saved, then she’s wonderful.


And on an equally srs note, firstofoct wanted

Top 5 Doctor Who Episodes in terms of how attractive Ten is (lol):

LOL These sort of unintentionally became (mostly) five episodes that are greatly improved and/or watchable only due to Ten being attractive.

Runner up: Fear Her

This one earns a mention in part because I do think this is basically one of the things Fear Her has going for it, and in part because I want to horrify shinyopals. LOOK AT ALL THAT NECK, OPAL.

5. Tooth & Claw

In which the Doctor discovers layering. TBH I don't really like Tooth & Claw that much as an episode, but one of the things I do like about it is that Ten is very very pretty and also David Tennant uses a Scottish accent.

4. Smith & Jones

I cannot blame Martha for wanting to hit that so hard. Just saying.

Also, this marks the first one on the list that I genuinely enjoy as an episode.

3. The Runaway Bride

I actually love Runaway Bride, it is my favourite of the episodes in this top 5, for reasons including but not limited to things like "Ten angsts with glasses on" and "Ten takes off his jacket".

2. The Girl in the Fireplace

Literally the nicest thing I can say about GITF is that it is a very aesthetically pleasing episode. And, well, it is. Plot- and character-wise it may be basically a hot mess, but hey, swirly tie and lots of close-ups of his hands.

1. Voyage of the Damned

I actually rather enjoy VOTD -- I mean, it's not Top 10 quality, but I like it a lot more than a lot of fandom seems to. But if I am thinking critically this is probably largely because Ten wears a tux the whole time. I regret nothing.
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