December 22nd, 2006

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(and all that jazz)

Title - When Those Blue Snowflakes Start Falling, Chapter 3
Character(s) - Sirius
Excerpt - He glared out the window and used the side of his fist to wipe away the little pattern he’d been tracing. Rather than make him nostalgic, the memories served only as fuel for his disdain.

Yay. =) And WHOO! School is over! Excitement! Thrills! Joy! Okay, so I work approximately seven hours every day of the break, but no school. Yay. =) (And in an attempt to make myself feel better I have just realized that, assuming I work as much the second week as I do the first, I'll make ~$600. Sweeeet.)

Anyway, happy holidays. This concludes the three pre-written drabbles, but I'll presumably have plenty more time to write a few more now that school is (for the most part) over.

I still need to write the Christmas exchange fic, but hm, it's part-way done, anyhow. WHOO.


PS -- hee hee, deathly hallows.