December 12th, 2006

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oh, ho, the mistletoe, hung where you can see

So over at UR's fanart section, Pamela drew a pretty little picture and said, and I quote, but the picture is absolutely perfect to wrie a short story about so if anyone feels inspired to....

Having had an inexplicable urge to write some otherwise mindless drabble fun, I took her up on the offer. Yay.

Title: Kiss'er Once For Me
Rating: G, man.
Summary: Is it really neccessary? Look at the picture, man, that is a summary in itself.
Excerpt: “You think it’s very funny, do you, having enchanted snowmen – six enchanted snowmen – pelt people with snowballs the instant they walk out the door? The first years can’t even – they’re bigger than the first years, Potter, the snowmen are bigger than the students, they haven’t a hope. You find this funny?”

“That does sound rather funny, yeah,” he admitted, smiling amusedly.

It is by no means the best thign I've ever written. ...But ah well. =)