September 25th, 2006

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Edit, because this entry was a little shabby looking. =)

Silly Love Songs seems to somehow be progressing itself cooperatively. It's actually kind of a pain in the ass; I want to be writing it a lot, when I should be writing an essay for English, a lab for Chemistry, or soemthing else equally academically important that I just kind of ignore.

A week (or something) ago Chapter 17 - Not About Love was uploaded. Yay! That didn't take six months! I am so impressed with myself! Haha. Per usual, thoughts are appreciated. There's a bit more Lily/James in this chapter for all those of you who thought I was taking my sweet time getting to that. =) Of course, I still am.

Other than that, all quiet on the Western front. I recently rediscovered a bunch of old stuff I'd written and man, is it weird. Hm.