August 7th, 2006

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cause words, like girls, get bored and run; c'est la vie


I just felt like updating to say here that, knock on wood, for the time being, anyway, I seem to have vanquished the hideous demon that is writer's block. Or at least I've vanquished most of the hideous demon, anyway.

I have finished a scene in the upcoming chapter of Silly Love Songs that previously ended in "GOD WHERE THE FUCK IS THIS SCENE GOING". (Yes, I am very eloquent.) I also managed to add a four or five page scene that I wrote almost exclusively the past two nights and that seemed to run very smoothly. Of course, the chapter is still only about seven pages long, so I still need to write about ten more, approximately, before I get through all the scenes I want to get through, but you know. Progress is progress, and now I feel like I know where I'm going.

I also wrote a three or four page kind of ... blathering... drabble thing that didn't really go anywhere, and probably won't go anywhere, but that I might post up here later, just for something to do with it, really. Parts of it I like, but... eh. It's probably never going to get finished and I don't want to waste UR's bandwidth with pointless brainvomit.

So, anyway, yes. I replied to a bunch of reviews for Silly Love Songs over at UR, and I am posting this, all in efforts to convince the five of you that may still be reading this that I'm not dead. Chapter sixteen has a long way to go, but at least now it's going, instead of idling in the driveway like it has been for the past seven months. No promises - whenever I make promises about this sort of thing I always end up being a liar - but if things keep going smoothly, fingers crossed, we're probably looking at end of August, September for the next one.

If anyone's still reading then. Hehe.

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