March 26th, 2006

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scrivenshaft vi entry!

Well, after quite a long period of not writing a word, I read the Scrivenshaft Challenge for the month of April, thought about it for about five minutes, and then cranked out 800 words or so. That's not very long, I know, but ... whoo, I wrote something! When I really should've been doing homework because I've got work tomorrow and limited time buuuut that's not the point!

The point is yay, I wrote something, yay, it's not the characters I always use, and uh. ...yay for Holly.

Title: A Promise Unborn (...which is a terrible title, but I am not one for titles.)
Author: Kali, thirty2flavors
Rating: PG
Challenge: Scrivenshaft Challenge VI, April 2006.
Excerpt: Was this what Slytherin had boiled down to? A damn-near Squib and a worthless half-blood child?

Hm. Well... anyway, yes, there you are.

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