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30 December 2005 @ 04:41 pm
Did everyone have a decent Christmas? I hope so. I did. And a decent birthday, too, which was yesterday. (I got a digital camera! =)!!!!!)

I never did write anything Christmas-y, as I had intended to. Damn. I started something, but per usual, did not finish it. You can read the starts of it here, if you're that bored or curious... and I've tagged some pictures on the end because yes, I was that bored, and this digital camera is going to amuse me for ages.Collapse )

As far as Silly Love Songs, I had promised to have it up by 2006 -- and 2005 is quite nearly over. Lexiii, if you read this, I'm emailing it to you, but if betaing proves to be complicated or you take too long I'm just going to upload it anyway and hope there is no gaping plot hole. =)! My cousin was up for the past couple of days and the last week before holidays was hectic, so now I finally have some free time. Yay!