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04 October 2005 @ 06:04 pm

The doors open October 31st, 2005.
Don't you want to come in?


Thanks to the lovely girls over at UR.org, I now have (thank the lord) a hosting site that is far superior to LiveJournal.

Which means -- and I do apologize to everyone for the constant shuffling -- I am no longer going to be posting stories on here. I will post a link to any new fic or any new chapter that I post in this livejournal, but I will not post the story itself on here. Livejournal is finicky and searcing through a story to manually add italics and bolds and all of that is a pain. That means Everything, including Silly Love Songs, will be moved.

You can find my new archive here, at UnknowableRoom.org. Yes, that's right, click the link.

I suppose now is as good a time as any to extend a great thank-you to everyone who's slaved over and is still slaving over UR.org. It is marvelous, it really is, and I am flattered to be in this batch of Beta testers. I am in love with the interface. It's so pretty. =)

Regarding Silly Love Songs -- I will need to repost it chapter-by-chapter on UR.org. I will do this, but I do not intend to upload all the chapters in two days. I will, I think, aim for one a night, perhaps every second or third night -- I do not want to harass the site too much. =) On the bright side, the new, never-before-seen-chapter will also be uploaded. It's complete, now, it simply needs to be edited, perhaps Beta'd, but by the time I have uploaded the older chapters, it should be ready to go.


The feedback I have gotten through LJ is awesome, I do hope you lot keep that up at UR. And when it's open to the public -- sign up! It's going to be great. It already is.

Random bold words!

Merci beaucoup, muchos gracias, etc, etc.


I am 'thirty2flavors' once again, no more flan. Teehee.

The first three chapters of Silly Love Songs are up. Expect fast progress, because I'm incredibly anxious to get that new chapter out. =)
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