July 27th, 2005

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Hello, gang.

After finally reading HBP -- I recieved my copy from Amazon on Friday and finished it by Saturday -- I was mildly relieved to see that there doesn't seem to be too many adjustments I'll need to make, just a few. I'll work on those when I can, mostly just tweaking some of the staffing and whatnot. It won't affect the plot too majorly -- at this point, if it had been going to, I would've ignored it anyway. Heh.

Regarding the actual book itself, I don't want to ruin it for anyone, so I won't -- I'll just say that I liked it, a lot, unlike a great number of people. I'm not a "shipping" sort of person, so I was not upset wth anything Rowling did, and I rather liked the characterisations. I think it is probably my second favorite book, after PoA, which I doubt will ever be ousted from its slot as my favorite. Teeehee I <3 PoA.

Onto other matters -- the next chapter! I apologize for the delay. I avoided this lj, TGB and just about everything vaguely Harry Potter related to avoid spoilers (although I ended up knowing who killed who, anyway. Gah.)

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Well, that's it. No real authors notes regarding this one, I don't think. =)

And so we reach the end of my reposting. Chapter 17 is already about 12 pages, but it isn't finished -- it wil be the first new material posted.

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