July 13th, 2005

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chapter thirteen - calling all angels

I still, as of yet, haven't broken my writer's block. Gnaaaaaagh.

With the arrival of Half-Blood Prince soon, I'd imagine this story will get a little AU-ish ... depending on the amount of drastic changes that the sixth book will incure, I might try to adjust or, perhaps, I will just ignore it and this fic will move its way towards AU. I would appreciate that, just out of common curtesy for myself and anyone who might be reading, you not mention the sixth book, please. I know for a fact I will not be recieving my copy on the 16th, and it's just ...common sense.

Thank you.

Anyway, well, here you go. I may try to shove out all my old chapters before the newest book comes out -- but maybe not, because that doesn't give me much time, does it?

I hope you enjoy this chapter. I loved writing it.

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Comment if you've got the time. =)

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