July 8th, 2005

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chapter twelve -- little red riding hood

I have wanted to write for quite some time now, but I have the worst writer's block imagineable. I cannot think of a single new idea or thought to try and put down on paper... it's awful, really. Hell, if anyone has a one-shot or something they'd like to see written, comment here and maybe I'll get it done? I'm desperate for ideas.

On the bright side, I guess, that means since I can't write anything new I'm just going to post old stuff. Yay.

So here's the next installment.

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If any of you want to drop me a line sometime, go for it -- my AIM name is KKKa1i (with a one, not an L) and my email is thirty2flavors@myway.com. I've just had my wisdom teeth out and I am terribly bored, so I'd love to talk to any of you.

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