July 1st, 2005

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peter pettigrew and the forbidden donut

Happy Canada Day, to anyone who happens to be Canadian and is reading this. =)

Secondly, my dear friend Lexi and I have completed yet another of our [in]famous parodies -- this time, we present to you Peter Pettigrew and the Forbidden Donut. As aforementioned, it is a parody, and if you couldn't figure that out just by reading it, you are a sad person indeed.

Sometime in the future this will probably have accompanying pictures, and I'll post those once we get them. Go Sarah go!


Title: Peter Pettigrew and the Forbidden Donut
Authors: Sirs Kali (_thirty2flavors) and Lexi (lexith)
Rating: Uh. Let's say 14-A.
Genre: Parody
Summary: The sad, sad tale of Peter Pettigrew's turn to the dark side.
Disclaimer: Peter and his horrible friends all belong to Rowling. The Devil Went Down To Georgia is ... someone's. Not ours!

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Well that was a trip. =) Comments and "OMGWTF ARE YOU ON?"s are welcome.

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