April 29th, 2005

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chapter one -- miss independent

As I mentioned, I have every intention of reposting my fic up here. I've decided I might as well start that, since sixteen chapters might take a while. I've also considered just posting a chapter on FF.net with the announcement, since I am not sure how many of my readers are going to put two and two together, and I'm thinking many of them may just be entirely confused.

If anything, at least this is an excuse for me to rewrite...

which I'll consider doing when I feel more up to it.

Title: Silly Love Songs
Author: Moi, Kali. (_thirty2flavors )
Rating: 14-A. I'm Canadian, that's the rating system I use. Strong language in some chapters, sexual references.. there isn't going to be anything graphic.
Summary: A Lily/James set during their 7th year at Hogwarts. Lily was well aware she wasn’t the damsel in distress. She wasn’t the heroine in a Victoria Holt novel or the neglected princess in a faraway castle. She wasn’t Juliet and she wasn’t anticipating a Romeo any time soon.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter, its characters, its premise, and its magic are all the brainchildren of J K Rowling, not me. If they were, I would obviously not be posting this on here. Additionally, none of the songs at the begining of the chapters are mine. They belong to their various record companies and artists. Do not sue me, please, I haven't anything worthwhile.


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That's all for now, folks.


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