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I'd imagine if you're here you're either A) a part of the Great Break or B) a reader of Silly Love Songs. If you're in A), you really won't need to read this post -- you know what's happening.

If you're B), let me explain.

Firstly, you should know -- if you don't already -- that recently a well-written, well-adored fic by Sarinileni, Lust or Love?, was deleted for a second time. I suppose that spawned a sort of ... movement, if you will, which manifests itself in The Great Break community here. The idea of the Great Break is to create a place where fanfiction won't be deleted without even a second glance at the rules. It's to be headed by a list of amazing moderators (Sarinileni, Solarism, everblue3, erak and Christy Corr to name a few), and will, eventually, be a brand new site. I joined because it intrigued me, although I had no intention of leaving FF.net entirely.

Shortly after the creation of the Great Break, a lot of other fics were targetted -- many authors recieved reviews informing them they'd been reported for abuse, typically something so minor and insignificant it shouldn't have mattered at all.

And, just to fuel the bonfire, the other day FF.net announced it will not host any fics with song lyrics in them, and that they will all be deleted.

I -- along with many others -- assumed they were bluffing. Who's going to know, anyhow? Admittedly, I underestimated them -- they were not bluffing. Silly Love Songs, its 317 reviews, and many other wonderful, impressive pieces of fanfiction (Hot for Teacher, Pendragon, and many others whose titles unfortunately slip my mind) have been deleted. I will not be reuploading at Fanfiction.net. Its user policies are getting ridiculous and, to be honest, I don't care enough.

I'll begin uploading the chapters of Silly Love Songs up here, at this livejournal, for those who still care to read it. I will continue to update here until such time that a better place represents itself. I'm sort of considering perhaps Schnoogle or one of the other fanfiction mammoths, but chances are great I'll just wait and see what TGB cranks out.

If you've any questions, comments, or want to review (it would be ever-so-appreciated), you can comment here, as I've left anonymous commenting open.

I don't think I'm really mad -- just agitated. It was only a matter of time, I suppose. If you're a reader and you want me to email you when I update on here, drop me a line with your email and I'll do so. I can be reached either here, through commenting, on AIM, at KKKa1i, or through email, at thirty2flavors@myway.com.

I suppose that's all.

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