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Chapter seventeen is nine(?) pages now, I believe. It'll probably be up by Monday, but no guarantees. I still have to finish it off and run it by my beta, who has been even more swamped than I have been recently, so no promises. As a result of the 17th chapter I'll probably be shoving the rating up to M, although it isn't going to be anything terribly racy. It bothers me to do so, because damnit, I'm not sixteen, so it kills me to have it be 16+, but lord knows FF.net is picky about these things. Besides that, I seem to have used the word 'fuck' a fair amount, and oh no, children might swear. What a terrible threat to society.

Preview of chapter 17:

“Well, if we back out now it’ll just be worse,” she noted, arching an eyebrow. “Two weeks and we’re done, James. Only two weeks. That’s all we need.”

“After six years, two weeks is not going to make a difference,” he replied irritably, placing his hands behind his head.

“Two weeks can make all the difference in the world.”

Hmm. Anyway, to continue what I had up here earlier, chapters 11-16. spoilers if you haven't read this far, obviously.Collapse )
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