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Wrote my last exam today! So I officially have a whole three days of "summer" before I start work on Monday, lol. Saturday is bff's going-away party because she's moving to Thailand for the summer, which kind of sucks. And then I start work like a real person. :O Scary.

My thoughts in a gif:

Awww, I liked this episode. This show has definitely had some rough patches seasons, but I think they mostly pulled themselves together this year as a send-off for Michael/Steve Carell, and I thought this episode was quite good. Considering the character of Michael was so obnoxious about 85% of the time, it's always a shocking surprise when they make him actually sympathetic, and they managed to carry that throughout this entire episode. The individual goodbyes were (almost) all nice -- the horrible scarecrow he made for Oscar and then the talking head about it had me dying, Erin's was sweet, the Jim and Dwight ones were good, and the Pam-at-the-airport scene was... kind of what I anticipated, though I didn't call the mic-less conversation aspect. It's interesting when the show remembers it is supposed to be a mockumentary. I also liked the touch about him asking them to tell him when it airs. (lol, they've been filming for SEVEN YEARS and it's never aired yet?)

I didn't care at all about the Andy/Deangelo B-plot, but I also get the impression they didn't expect me to care. It was like they weren't trying, lirl. I also don't care that Phyllis might be Erin's mom wtf? Right now the plan is to not watch until the season finale, which I am only watching for the fabulous Catherine Tate and what will undoubtedly be a five-second cameo, rofl.

All in all, I think it was a good should-be finale and it is a shame the show is not allowed to go out on this high note and instead must continue to flounder until it eventually dies like a beached whale.

Between Michael leaving and my abrupt decision to flounce from HIMYM, my TV-watching schedule suddenly seems wide open. Hmmmm. These vacancies are hard to fill due to me indescribable but particular tastes.

At least Parks & Rec has been absolutely on point every single episode this season.
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