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two super exciting things everyone will care about

1. Look at my shiny new moodtheme! Season 4 of Secret Diary may have been disappointing in most aspects, but it was not disappointing in terms of Billie Piper's facial expressions. I don't even usually use moods but I might start trying to remember just to use the moodtheme.

2. The new banner on my friends only page:

COMPANIONS ARE PLAYING POKER, your argument is invalid.

Not but really how cute is this art. Credit to the artist, who was very gracious when I asked to use it for my own selfish purposes.

Okay it is like 2am, now that I have accomplished these two truly important things it is time for me to go to bed. I will leave you with this gif of David Tennant jumping on a couch:

Tags: doctor who, secret diary of a call girl
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