Kali (_thirty2flavors) wrote,

are you sensing a pattern?

I have a report due on Monday that is basically a, well, report on this experiment thing I did in psycholinguistics. I find it really intimidating because I haven't written a report-type thing since probably high school, and venturing out of my academic comfort zone is frightening, okay. Can't I just write about symbolism or something?

Anyway, so obviously this is how I've spent the afternoon:

  • Made a responsible decision to not go watch Harry Potter with friends tonight so I can stay home and work
  • Celebrated this responsible decision-making by checking livejournal
  • Opened the assignment, looked over it again, felt a little panicky
  • Spent more time on livejournal
  • Opened a Word document and wrote out the subheadings
  • Talked to firstofoct on MSN
  • Wrote about 3 sentences of the easiest part of the assignment
  • Oooo, maybe something exciting has happened on lj!

That I ever accomplish anything and have never handed an assignment in late is basically a miracle in and of itself.

Anyway, the reality is that I am really posting in order to post this:

Omg, favourite people.

Tags: david tennant is pretty okay i guess, do i need to make actor tags?, hrh catherine tate, life the universe and everything, youtube is a magical place
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