Kali (_thirty2flavors) wrote,

you know that i'm no good

So as I have mentioned, I totally flounced from s4 of Secret Diary after 4x03 and haven't watched since. Now that the show is wrapped up and I am sure some of you have seen it all, I want your help DECIDING MY FATE.

Poll #1722893 secret diary what have you become

Should I watch the rest of series 4?

Yes, because it was good.
Yes, because it was okay.
Yes, because Billie Piper is hot.
Just skip to 4x08
No, you are happier just assuming it ended after s3 and Belle and Bambi eventually ran away together.

Note that I would not like to actually be spoiled for the proceedings before I make my decision, even though I am pretty sure I already am spoiled because the internet doesn't understand lj-cuts.

Secondly, Community referenced Doctor Who on Thursday and it was magical. My favourite American show referencing my favourite British show! Awesome. Also, The Office has been good lately, it is too bad they won't go out on this high note.
Tags: ask the audience, community, doctor who, secret diary of a call girl, the office
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