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Internet, I have a lot of questions: number one, how dare you? If Barney gets to stay and Kelly is voted out, I will kill myself. Like Romeo & Juliet. The Claire Danes one.

Also VOTE ANNIE and VOTE GUS but I don't have banners for them because I am TOO BUSY being horrified at the state of the comedy bracket. UGH INTERNET. Most horrific is Kelly losing to Barney. Barney at this point is basically an insult to comedy because he has been making the same joke for six years and whenever he gets any character development, the writers chicken out, retcon it and return him to his previous "lol boobs" state. (Seriously why I am still watching this show? Someone remind me to flounce.) Meanwhile, Kelly Kapoor is the most consistently funny part of The Office and Mindy Kaling is one of the few people and writers keeping an aging show afloat, in addition to being a woman of colour in the comedy industry. You know episodes like The Injury and The Dundies? YOU KNOW WHO WROTE THOSE? Mindy Kaling. JS. Even if she is not making The Office funny as Kelly, she is writing the best episodes.

Leslie, meanwhile, is an ACTUAL REAL LIVE SELF-IDENTIFIED FEMINIST IN A SITCOM WITHOUT BEING THE BUTT OF JOKES ABOUT IT :O Also she is a genuinely nice person who is good at her job. Those things are exceedingly rare in sitcoms. Chandler is okay -- he is at least not written entirely just as a douchebag -- but he's also a) old news and b) not part of Team Reverse Racism or Team Misandry, so he needs to go. Sorry Friends, new generation of comedy television etc. Plus look how awesome Leslie is:

The only vote I don't care about either way is Liz vs Troy, because I don't really like 30 Rock but love Community, but also respect Tina Fey's general existence.

AND... I haven't really been following the other brackets because I've been too focused on Kelly and Leslie and I don't really care about any of the others ones as much. BUT I did vote for Scully, I am sure you were all wondering.
Tags: fandom march madness '11, how i met your mother, parks & rec, the office
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