Kali (_thirty2flavors) wrote,

moar march madness

Q: Isn't there something going on in my life besides Fandom March Madness?

A: ...not really.

Everyone listed seems to be killing it except for Annie, who is losing by only a few votes so you should go vote for her. And while obvs I am stanning for Kelly Kapoor, I may wind up checking out this Miranda show because it looks funny. Although by the end of this campaign I may have seen it all ten times over in gifs and macros.

I'm also loling that Dean is losing to Spock. GOOD JOB SPOCK. I hope at some point someone can take down Barney Stinson and Sheldon Cooper effortlessly. I'm popcorn.gifing at Eleven vs Mal because I don't care much either way, and am a bit surprised by Eleven's lead at the moment.

Okay, that is enough obsessing over something meaningless for the moment. Time to do something productive.
Tags: being human, community, fandom march madness '11, parks & rec, the office
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