Kali (_thirty2flavors) wrote,

fandom march madness: team misandry '11

OH GOD FANDOM MARCH MADNESS every year I am like "w/e I won't care this year, YOU CAN'T MAKE ME" and every year it makes me. UGH.

For the most part, I am Team Misandry '11, which is occasionally known as Team Reverse Racist Misandry '11. (If this team does not mean much to you, it was borne out of last year's attempt to get a woman to win for the first time, which led to cries of "OMG THIS IS AN ANTI-MAN CAMPAIGN". So there you have it. VOTING FOR BOOBS SINCE 2010.) So anyway,


Kelly doesn't talk trash, she talks smack. There's a difference. Her margin over Jim is pretty narrow and despite the fact that I like Jim, Kelly needs to win this one. Plus, Kelly is played by Mindy Kaling, who writes all the best episodes anyway. So a vote for Kelly is a vote for Michael grilling his foot.


It is sad and pathetic truth that Barney Stinson has the HIMYM Bracket on lock. WHAT IS THAT ABOOT. This should change because Barney hasn't been funny in like two seasons and has just been making the same joke for seven seasons. WE GET IT. Plus whatever, misogynist douches won every year until Buffy. Robin on the other hand is a career woman who loves dogs and hockey and had an illustrious career as a teen pop star. MOVE OVER FOR THIS FLAWLESS CANADIAN GEM:

How can you not vote for that.


It is true that I spent most of yesterday campaigning for Donna Noble, because she is the most important woman in the whole of creation and I wanted a companion to win the Doctor Who bracket. But today it seems pretty clear that that's not going to happen, and the race is tight between Ten and Eleven (there was like a six vote difference last I saw), so... I changed my vote to Ten and now encourage you to do the same.

Plus let's be real, a vote for Ten is a vote for all of these people:

SORRY, ELEVEN. This is ~bigger than you.

Also, aside from these ones I am pretty flexible with my vote so SWAY ME INTERNET. ...BY CHANGING YOUR VOTE TO THESE PEOPLE.
Tags: doctor who, fandom march madness '11, how i met your mother, the office
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