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mostly about that time i was bested by a game made for 8 year olds

Kate Beaton, whom I already know and love from her comics about Canada and great literature, did this Doctor Who comic based on her knowledge of the show, having never seen an episode, and it is wonderful.

In a fit of boredom I downloaded ~The Mazes of Time~ which is the Doctor Who game for my phone.

I primarily downloaded it for the lulz but once it got marginally more challenging I also started enjoying it, ngl. This may be a symptom of my boredom, but I'm also going to say that it's because it reminds me of a game I used to play when I was younger, it was called like Mummy Maze or something idk. I am not sure what the plot of this really is because I ahven't been paying attention, but I'm fairly certain there was some family that got split up ~across time~ for some reason and now Our Heroes are setting out to reunite them. And conveniently this family got split up into weird boobytapped maze locations infested with Cybermen and Silurians and Daleks.

One of these places is a Medieval-type market complete with gallows. Wtf?

lol Reboot graphics

You play as both Amy and the Doctor because they each have ~special skills~ and part of the puzzle is being strategic about who does what in a level, or whatever. This also increases the difficulty because half the time when I die, it is because I am off doing something as Amy and then off-screen Eleven gets shot by a Silurian while standing in the corner, or whatever. Goddamnit, Eleven. When you die as either of them you actually just regenerate, which really amused me:

lol @ Eleven in the background, he ain't even bovvered

The ~special skills~ they each have are hilarious: Eleven can shove (specially-designated) boxes around and climb over (specially-designated) boxes, while Amy can crawl under things and stand on special pieces of floor that are cracked, because she is lighter than Eleven, or so I am to assume. Poor Amy's skills are useful significantly less often than Eleven's. I have been shoving a lot of boxes, okay.


Like I said earlier there are Cybermen, Silurians and I have been promised Daleks by the game description, though I have not actually made it to the Dalek level. I prefer the Cybermen because they have hilarious soundbites like "DELETE DELETE" whereas the Silurians are silent and also harder to get past. Also, Silurians just suck. Even in game form.

lol whenever they see you the red circle thing appears and they start going DELETE DELETE YOU WILL BE UPGRADED etc.

They did not make Matt Smith and Karen Gillan voice this thing, which is unfortunate because some of the dialogue is hilarious. The first family member you save is the kid, and Amy says something like "yay now we can take him back to his parents!" and the Doctor is like "good, I don't need another orphan on my hands". Omg, hilarious. I wish I had screencapped it.

Anyway, it is hardly a piece of GAMING MASTERY, but I am enjoying it. I'm at like level five out of ten and the puzzles are hard enough to, well, occasionally puzzle me, sometimes long enough that I have time to remember this game was designed for 8 year olds and I have to flounce in embarrassment.

I think I had other stuff to post but that ended up being surprisingly long, so ANOTHER TIME. I may return with some kind of fic writing meme or something because ugh, writer's block, I h8 u.
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