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secret diary 4x03

SO like three days later I finally watched Secret Diary 4x03. Maybe I PSYCHICALLY NEW this episode would be uncomfortable and just kind of awkward and skeezy because for some reason I just kept putting off watching it, lol. But I spent the whole thing like

First, JACKIE UGH WHY ARE YOU THE WORST. Ugh her character is just so unlikable, and in s1 it was like "okay she is the good but boring sister to contrast Hannah", and then in s3 it was like "okay, sleeping with your sister's ex-boyfriend/current BFF on her couch, you're an asshole and so is Ben" and now it is like "you're seriously pissed off at your sister for getting back together with her ex and hanging out with him during a time you decided to drop over unannounced? really now?"

And, like, Harry manages to set off more douche-creeper-skeezy alarm bells faster than anyone else in this show, which when you think about it is really saying something. Every scene he was in was super hard to watch and he is obviously going to be in every other episode and I am going to be full-body-shuddering every time he is on screen ugh ugh ughhh. Like it's one thing to have a character you're meant to dislike but can enjoy watching, and another thing to have a character who makes youfeel like you need a shower just by existing. I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to be making of that whole spiel about how Belle ~loves the danger~ because uh, she never really has, so... what. But usually when you have a character make an assertion in the third episode and the protagonist denies it, the audience is supposed to think "yes random character you are so spot on!" But in this case I was just like "SHUT UP HARRY YOU DON'T KNOW HER LIFE ALSO GET OFF MY TELEVISION FOREVER".

Lastly, Poppy... um... okay. I'm still not really sure why Poppy is here and why Bambi is not, and it was hard for me to feel that bad for Poppy when I was thinking "um but why did you open her mail though...?" I mean Belle's not even family, Poppy barely knows her, SNOOPING IN HER MAIL IS CREEPY and you brought this on yourself.

On the bright side there was no point in this episode where I thought Ben was an asshole, so well done Ben, I guess you're learning. Maybe.
Tags: secret diary of a call girl
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