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you haven't even got a beard!

I watched like 90% of the Misfits Christmas special on a live stream, but only just managed to catch the last five-ish minutes.

LOL this episode... Someone on ONTD was like "this is ridiculous" but I pointed out that it is significantly less ridiculous than Kelly having sex with a gorilla. I enjoyed this episode way more though. I think the concept of someone buying and selling powers was an interesting one and that Jesus was a great way to show the ~dangers of exploiting something like that.

I was sort of WTFing at Alisha, though. I can sympathize with Alisha wanting to get rid of her power but I could not for the life of me figure out why she was so desperate to have Simon sell his. Why? It doesn't adversely affect his life and he seems pretty chill with it. Her need to be part of a ~normal couple~ (GIRL HE HAS TO TIME TRAVEL IN THE FUTURE HOW NORMAL DO YOU THINK IT'S GONNA GET?) got Nikki killed, man. I can understand Kelly and Nikki selling their powers, too, since they affect their quality of life, and I can totally buy Nathan being oblivious enough to sell his for nothing on a whim, but I don't know how Curtis was talked into it, I mean he literally just saved all their lives (okay, 3 months earlier) and he's done it a billion times before, how did he not think that was handy to have around? So when, after Nikki died, they were all "I COULD HAVE STOPPED THIS" I was like "yeah you could've, the fuck were you guys thinking?"

ALSO Alisha it is super uncool to lie about ~future Simon~ omg this is why timey-wimey relationships are bad, kids. I also thought it was weird that the show didn't... show us any of that, like it was just "THREE MONTHS LATER they're in a relationship and he knows about his future self and who is paying for this rad but unfurnished apartment???" I dunno man.

Jesus abusing Alisha's power was creepy as fuck though. Now that he's dead is that power dead with him? That would be good, there's only so much you can do with one character being cursed like that. Hopefully she winds up with something more badass in s3. I guess Simon's will have something to do with time travel?

I found Marnie pretty funny. "You don't even have a beard!" lol lol. I wonder if she will be sticking around? I am not sure how long she can continue being interesting, and a baby seems like it would really, um, cramp the style, but we'll see I guess.

And of course I wonder what sort of powers everyone will end up with. TBQH Nathan should take his immortality back or he's fucked. I am guessing Simon has something to do with time travel...? I have no idea about Kelly, Alisha or Curtis though. AND... are we ever going to hear about Nikki again? Or is Curtis just conveniently over that? Because... what.

IDK. I guess all my questions will be answered in like... a year. Britain, what the hell. I am too impatient for this tomfoolery.

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