Kali (_thirty2flavors) wrote,

fic: world without you -- (eleven/rose, amy/rory)

Title: World Without You
Length: ~300 words
Genre: Angst (surprise)
Characters/Pairings: Eleven(/Rose), Amy(/Rory)
Rating: PG
Spoilers?: 5x07 "Amy's Choice"

Notes: Written for firstofoct's prompt Eleven sees Amy and Rory together, thinks of another couple at the Doctor/Rose Fix Winter Ficathon (which is still going on so you should totally go write stuff). I took a bit of liberty with the prompt.

Amy storms out of the cottage in Upper Leadworth with desperate conviction and the Doctor follows after her, a ringing in his ears and a lead weight of guilt in his stomach. If this isn’t the dream, he’s just got her fiance--husband?--killed. He’s fairly certain that makes him the worst imaginary friend to ever be, well, not so imaginary.

Thing is, she’s not even the first. Donna, then Sarah Jane -- really, he suspects it’s best for everyone that he wasn’t at the Smith-Jones wedding. Still, this is different, and possibly even worse. Rory wasn’t liaising with a giant spider or a faceless thing in a cloak. Rory was a good man who loved Amy Pond and now he was a pile of dust in the nursery.

Unless this is the dream, that is. If this is the dream, there’s still a chance, and that’s more than he could give Lance or Sarah’s husband. Amy’s convinced, based on nothing but heartbreak and hope. He knows she’s only so certain because it’s inconceivable to her that a world could exist without Rory Williams.

And he remembers feeling that way about someone, once upon a time. He also remembers fire and screaming and a brilliant ginger woman pulling him back from the edge. Maybe he should do that for Amy. She’s angry and she’s hurting and he gets that, he does, but maybe they should take a moment to think. After all, she could be pregnant.

But then Amy says, “I just want him,” and the Doctor knows what she means, so he presses the keys into her hand and says, “Okay.”

If this is real, maybe he doesn’t want it either. He wonders if he would have time to regenerate, wonders whether he would want to.

“I loved Rory,” Amy says, “and I never told him. And now he’s gone.”

Yeah, the Doctor thinks. I know the feeling.

Amy starts the van.
Tags: amy pond, amy/rory, eleven/rose, fic, the doctor
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