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the first season of lost on dvd!

I. First order of business:

Whoo! Go forth and prompt, etc.

II. Second order of business, I am reading The Girl Who Played With Fire. I'm only about ~150 pages in, so I don't think anything I say can really count as a spoiler. And what I have to say is: OH MY GOD LARSSON ARE YOU BEING PAID BY THE WORD, LIKE DICKENS? COME ON. This book is 700 pages long and if you took out all the extraneous, useless detail it could be about 350, I bet. I don't mind the books -- I find them interesting enough to read them, obviously -- and I can forgive some o the weird sentence construction and hilarious metaphors as being the result of a translation. That's all fine.

But there is no reason I should ever need to know the laundry list of what the character bought at the grocery store. I really don't need a five page passage dedicated to what particular style of furniture in what colour Lisbeth is buying from IKEA. Omg, I don't understand, are you being paid by Ikea?? hysteriagalore, as the voice of Sweden, do all Swedish people actually know the name/style of every single item in the Ikea catalogue? I complained to Tania about this, because she's read them, and she said "yeah I skimmed those parts" and I probably should've too, but I basically read every single word because I was so fascinated by what was happening. I was like "no, omg, he's not writing out every single Ikea item she purchases, THIS CANNOT BE REAL" and yet it was. I think I also give Larsson some slack because it's a ~mystery~ and any detail could be important, theoretically, but there comes a time when I have to accept that Lisbeth buying toilet paper is not plot relevant. It's just not. This entire chapter could've been summed up with like, a single paragraph that said "And then Lisbeth spent an afternoon furnishing her new apartment". DONE.

Also, it's still hilarious to me how everyone ever wants to sleep with Blomkvist and they are all also okay that everyone else is sleeping with Blomkvist.

III. Third order of business, Community was awesome.
Tags: books: best weapons in the world, community, doctor who
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