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30 female characters meme: the brains of the outfit

I. This week felt loooong. I am not sure why, really, since in theory it was no different from any other week, but oh my god was I glad to finish work today. It’s Thanksgiving weekend, so we get Monday off as well, which is swell. Thanksgiving tends to be something of a non-event in my house, and this year my dad’s in Beijing so it’s just me and my mom, but I am always open to having additional days off work/school. And to anyone who says it’s “not real Thanksgiving”, allow me to direct you to this gif:

II. I also discovered a Canadian station that – gasp! – lets me stream Community, Modern Family and HIMYM online. Legally. To those of you in the US with Hulu or in Britain with iPlayer this probably seems pretty basic, but to that I say F U GUYS. I don’t have anything in particular to say about this week’s crop of shows, though I will say that in a shocking twist I think this week’s Office episode was my favourite of the four I watched.

Also, a question for those of you who watch Community: DID YOU NOTICE THE ABED/BABY/BIRTH PLOTLINE? LOLOLOLOL

I also watched the third (by accident, lol, I thought it was the pilot) episode of that show “Undercovers”. It’s not really my kind of show, so I find it hard to say if it was just me finding it bland or if it was kind of bland, but Gugu Mbatha-Raw is totally adorable and her American accent is A+. I hope it survives long enough to find its feet.

III. I suck at comment ficathons, but I support the theme of this one and I know some of you are into them so I’m going to advertise it anyway:

IV. I am quite bored. I tried writing some s5 fic earlier but that wasn’t happening. Raaagh I miss being able to write (short) fic. Anyway, I’ve returned to my long-forgotten 30 Women Meme.

TOSHIKO SATO of Torchwood

“Are we seriously going to act on something she’s Googled?”

Okay, so there isn’t a whole lot I like about the first two seasons of Torchwood. One of those few things is Tosh, who I maintain is generally too badass to associate with the rest of them. I mean, she built a sonic screwdriver to save her mommy and then wound up getting the V for Vendetta treatment from UNIT. She is clearly a genius (which makes one wonder why she was working for Torchwood) and she stops Cardiff from nuclear meltdown or... whatever... while she is busy dying. Of the numerous deaths in Torchwood I thought hers was the saddest, partly because she’s the only one I liked but also because that meant Torchwood had to try an function without its resident genius, and seeing how Torchwood functioned with a genius, that is a very scary prospect indeed. I think a part of me wanted Tosh and Martha to become BFF. They could’ve opened their own alien-fighting organization, maybe worked with Sarah Jane and her kids sometimes. It would’ve been awesome okay.

I always felt bad for Tosh, because her life pretty consistently sucked. There were the UNIT shenanigans, she was in love with Owen for some reason and he was an asshole, her alien girlfriend turned out to be an evil alien girlfriend, and her frozen-in-time boyfriend… dies or something IDK okay it’s not like I remember Torchwood plotpoints. But despite all this she is a nice, kind, soft-spoken person and not crazy with bitter angry rage.

And then she gets shot and dies a slow painful death. Tough break, Tosh. Hopefully in the afterlife you will be surrounded by a competent team of people. Oh, wait, you inhabit a godless universe and all that awaits you is dark nothingness. Yikes.

PS: While looking for a picture, I wound up on some Torchwood fansite with one-sentence bios of all the characters, and Tosh’s reads Toshiko Sato, the shy computer genius of Torchwood, keeps the team under control, and is the only one who does her job properly. Preach, random fansite.


"Books! And cleverness! There are more important things -- friendship and bravery."

-Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

So I just finished my reread of Deathly Hallows, and HERMIONE GRANGER, YOU ARE A MOTHERFUCKING CHAMPION. I think if you tried to count the number of times Hermione’s dedication, preparedness, brilliance and instinct saved Harry and/or the wizarding world, you would lose count because she is doing it all the time. She is basically the only reason Harry is alive long enough to kill Voldemort. He pretty much would’ve been fucked back in first year if she weren’t there doing all the work for him. And possibly he would’ve flunked school, too.

I don’t think I ever really appreciated the SHEER AWESOME BADASSERY of Hermione until afterwards, tbh, because while I was in the fandom I had such tunnel-vision. She was however always my favourite of the trio, and now that is amplified by fifty as I realize how great she is. And because Harry and Ron are teenage boys and kind of assholes, she deals with so much insensitivity/wankery/general assholery from the two of them all the time, they’re constantly either teaming up against her or putting her in the middle, and most of the time she has the patience of a saint. She can be a little self-righteous, a bit naggy and something of a know-it-all, but her heart is always in the right place and she does what she thinks is right.

Also, if Harry had accepted early on that “Hermione is Always Right” was a cardinal rule, things might have been a bit easier, tbqh.

In conclusion, Hermione Granger > you.
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