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secret diary of a call girl!

I enjoyed this show a lot. Everyone said I would, but it still surprised me a bit -- but then it seems like that is the general consensus on my flist so who even knows. Belle/Hannah is so likeable and funny and charming. Sooo thoughts in no particular order:

-I c u, Apple advertising, with your MacBooks and your iPhones.

-I liked Hannah's old apartment more than the s3 apartment. Did I miss mention of her moving? Is it supposed to be the same place only hugely redecorated?

-Shipping on this show is weird. I mean, they've made Hannah/Ben the obvious OTP and with s4 being the final season I'm guessing they stand more of a chance. But because of the obvious OTPness, even regardless of whether or not I shipped it myself, I found Hannah/Alex and Hannah/Duncan really tiresome. It was like "yeah yeah obviously you'll break up because a) there's another season, she's not going to retire and b) the show wants me to ship Hannah/Ben". I disliked Duncan pretty instantaneously, so I was not particularly surprised by the revelation that he's a bit of a creep. Consider me amused by the revenge, though.


-Bambi/Byron lol wut.

-omg Hannah's sister lirl. I know she was supposed to sort of irritate me because I am supposed to be sympathizing with Hannah and she annoys Hannah, but jesus. I was not sad to see her guest spot end.

-Even discounting the hilarious wardrobing choices that were made in s2 to cover up Billie's pregnancy, I thought she looked way better in s3. There were some seriously questionable hair and makeup decisions going on in s2.

This scene – and the women in the previous shot talking about how it’s probably written by a man – cracked me up, but I thought it raised an interesting point. Obviously a large portion of the show is fiction and it’s not an exact replica of ~the real Belle’s~ life, but there is definitely something about the inspired-by-true-events tag that makes something more interesting and in a way more acceptable. I’m not sure how I would feel about the show if it was just straight-up 100% fiction. I guess the idea that some of it is true makes it easier to set aside my preconceived notions, and actually forces me to analyze those preconceived notions.

Okay, let’s talk about Bambi.

It took me a while to warm up to Bambi – partly because some reaction post I had read ages ago lead me to believe she was an antagonist, so I spent all of s2 being super suspicious of her the way I was suspicious of all the men in Hannah’s life. But obviously that was false and the reaction post led me astray, because Bambi is kickass. I gave up and fully embraced my love for her right around here:

“Right. Shut up. I might not be as posh as you, but you can fuck off if you think I’m going to stand here and let you tell me that I’m cheap because I’m black.”


Plus she and Belle make cute bffs:


Ben on the other hand, IDK.

a) he reminds me so much of Arthur Darvill, cannot unseeee and b) I seem to go back and forth on whether or not he is a douche. I think he’s gotten steadily more douchey as the series progresses – and then I remember that in s1 he worked with Belle… while… engaged... IDK. He is a subtler kind of douche than her other boyfriends, I think. But there are also moments when I do really like him.

However, drunken Ben is the best Ben of all the Bens. Arthur Darvill 2.0 plays drunk in an absolutely hilarious way, IDEK, it cracked my shit up every time it happened.

”You’re sober, and I’m ugly… but in the morning, I’ll be sober.”

Thus ends my pictures-with-deep-comments, and so begins SHAMELSS PICSPAM:

Omg this scene. Omg, her accent. LOLOLOL

Omg lol the outfits

LOL HANNAH awww D: …This is what Ten looked like in all of Martha and Mickey’s wedding photos isn’t it

Billie Piper cries like a motherfucking champion. Every time she tears up it is like I am watching a puppy being kicked.

I also took a bunch of pictures just because I thought Billie looked cute and once I start screencapping stuff I tend to just keep going and going. W/E I DO WHAT I WANT.


Oh, and there was this random scene in s2 where she looked exactly like Rose Tyler and it weirded me out a bit but also made me laugh. I’m guessing she like, ran down the street to shoot this in the middle of filming Turn Left:

I also watched the interview with the ~real~ Belle. I was a bit worried it would spoil the illusion, but it was interesting. She seems like a badass. I’ve got The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl from the library and I’ve read all of about 2 pages and I think I’m imagining Dr. Brooke Magnanti more than I’m imagining Billie Piper, but that is okay.

In conclusion, this show is awesome, am psyched for s4, need icons, give me your gifs, etc.
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