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it is a vicious cycle

I. So we are all in agreement, right? No Facebooking/Twittering of each other's posts? Good.

II. I am off to a cottage tomorrow morning! Well, I say "cottage", but supposedly it is like three times the size of my house. I will take pictures. Anyway, it also means as of tomorrow I will be gone from the internet until Monday evening. I know, it will be hard.

III. I finished s1 of Secret Diary last night! I ended up really liking it, which... wasn't a surprise, I guess, but the episodes are so short and I watched them in such short order that it felt like it went from "new show" to "ooo I like this!" quite quickly. I'll start on series 2 today but I probably won't round off the show until I come back from the cottage, so no spoilers plz.

I like the format, with her narrating directly to the camera but not in a mockumentary way; it's funny and it works. Billie is awesome, although this does not surprise me. I was surprised (in a good way) that she told Ben in episode four already. I was expecting more ~whacky shenanigans and lies~ but this is better. Also, the Matt Smith scenes were five times more hilarious now than they were when I watched them on YouTube pre-series 5.

Hmm, I guess I don't have much to say about it. But I am liking it a lot and am excited to watch the rest. And I saw on ONTD yesterday that they're filming series 4 now, so... score.

IV. Doing my modly duty:

It is your basic comment ficathon and it is running for the next couple weeks.

I have such a dumb relationship with ficathons and fests. Allow me to share.

Step 1 - The Ficathon/Fest/Whatever is announced/I find out about it

Thought process: "omg this will be so great I will write ALL THE FICS!!!"

Final action: Sign up for way more than you can deliver and/or stalk the post eagerly and tell all your friends about the AWESOME FICS you are TOTALLY GOING TO WRITE for the AWESOME FICATHON

Step 2 - The Ficathon Opens and Accepts Prompts

Thought process: "OMG OMG OMG... I don't have any prompts, I must jealously guard any good fic ideas I have so that I can write them."

Final action: Post no prompts and resign yourself to answering others'.

Step 3 - Fic Posting Begins

Thought process: "OMG!!! ...omg I can't write any of these. This prompt is too long, this prompt is too short, and this porridge is too cold. Why do all the prompts suck? Why do I suck? OMG why can't I write anything? OMG FICATHON I HATE YOU!"

Final action: Write maybe 200 words of fic for one prompt; hate all 200; flounce and write nothing while regarding the ficathon and the successful authors with resentment

Step 4 - The Ficathon Ends

Thought process: "Well that sucked for me. Hmmm. Maybe by the next one I will be better at writing prompts!"

Final action: repeat steps 1-4
Tags: doctor who, fanfic, life the universe and everything, secret diary of a call girl
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