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fic: composite (martha)

I have my Witchcraft midterm tomorrow. I wish it was on Harry Potter because I would ace that shit. In first year we had a lecture on Harry Potter and I took absolutely no notes because it was no new information, lirl. Good times.

I am up to Day 15 - Your Favourite Who-Related Tumblr on the 30 Day Doctor Who Meme, but I don't use Tumblr.
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So instead here is a Martha drabble I wrote back when the Awesome Lady Comment Ficathon was going on.

Title: Composite
Characters/Pairings: Martha, discussion of Martha/Ten and Ten/Rose
Length: ~350 words
Prompt: From hyacinthian: "Doctor Who, Martha, i stopped wanting to be blonde at six".

For much of the time Martha travels with the Doctor, she thinks of Rose as a fictional character.

It's silly, she knows. She tries not to think about the woman much, because it's a bit petty, and because they never met, and because she reckons there's no way the Doctor would be so caught up on someone who didn't deserve Martha's respect. But it's hard not to wonder, sometimes, and almost against her own will Martha begins to craft a mental image of the missing girl with no last name -- the Rose who would know, the Rose who'd been to New Earth first, the Rose who even John Smith dreamed about. Most days she imagines Rose as someone like Joan Redfern -- a well-meaning woman who shouldn't ever be held accountable for the inconvenience her mere existence causes Martha. On bad days, the Rose in her head is a composite of every woman Martha's ever resented.

So when Jack says, "Not if you're blonde," Martha thinks of her father's fancy new car and of Annalise.

"Oh, she was blonde? Oh, what a surprise!"


The real thing, Martha learns, isn't really anything like she'd imagined. They hug in the TARDIS after the Earth is flown home and Martha wonders if Rose Tyler ever imagined her. Not her specifically of course -- Martha knows the woman couldn't have even know her name -- but some sort of fictional composite, a woman in another world travelling with the Doctor when she couldn't. It would be a sad sort of symmetry, Martha thinks.

Martha grins from ear to ear as the Doctor swoops in to hug them both, and she's happy for the two of them, she really truly is. She thinks she knows better than anyone how much the Doctor has missed Rose, and Martha's glad to see him get something back for once. But Martha remembers three hundred and sixty-five days spent walking, and she doesn't envy Rose Tyler one bit.
Tags: doctor who, fic, life the universe and everything, martha jones, martha/ten, ten/rose, the doctor

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