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would it be all right by you if i defabricate you?

I. This icon accurately depicts my life. Ty, Hyperbole and a Half.

II. Everyone is doing that ‘seven things about my writing process!’ meme and I think I am just bored enough to give it a shot.

1. A lot of you have mentioned that you roll scenes and conversations around in your head for a long time before you sit down to write them. I do that too.

And then, ninety per cent of the time, that scene turns to absolute abysmal failure unfit to be read by anyone. If it was a one-shot it will be abandoned and will ultimately be replaced with something off the top of my head, and if it is a scene from a multi-chapter fic I will probably go whine at goldy_dollar and make her write it because I never write multi-chapter things on my own anymore. …Probably for this reason.

2. Plot and I are not friends. I am sure this is readily apparent to anyone who has ever read anything I’ve written, and I think this is probably the biggest hurdle that prevents me from ever writing any original fiction. The only time I even have middling success writing anything even distantly resembling a plot is if I am collaborating and can harass the other person every five seconds when I run into a stumbling block. Which is often. It’s a bit of a shame because, you know, plot is a good thing, and if you are attempting to write anything longer than about 400 words it should probably have something like a plot. But yeah, no, can’t do it.

3. Some part of my brain that read too much Shoebox Project back in the day now arbitrarily decides what tense my fic should be written in, and even if I consciously try to ignore that and write the fic in a different tense, this will usually not work. This is the bane of my existence. I don’t even like present tense, and whenever I notice I’m doing it I get annoyed, but when I try to rewrite an entire fic in past tense sometimes it just… refuses to co-operate. I blame you, Shoebox Project.

4. I can write with other people in the room – comically, I think I wrote the funeral scene in Blood and Anger and Revenge in the middle of the living room surrounded by my aunt/uncle/cousins/parents – but I prefer not to on the basis that I tend to talk to myself without realizing it. Saying lines of dialogue out loud in a couple different ways makes it easier for me to pick the one that I think sounds the most genuine or flows the best or sounds the most like that character’s voice. Similarly I end up pulling lots of weird facial expressions or doing weird hand gestures while trying to figure out how to describe that facial expression/hand gesture.

5. I think good fluff is harder to write than good angst, which is probably why I write so much angst. I am LAZY. Writing fluff, I feel obligated to come up with some new, shiny way to make it interesting and compelling. With angst, I guess I feel like that interest is already built in, which is probably false. Anyway, I guess I feel like it is much harder to establish a hook when I’m writing fluff, or to make that fluff somehow new or interesting. Rationally I’m pretty sure this doesn’t make any sense, because angst can easily be just as repetitive or cliché as fluff. But there you have it; part of the reason I rarely write fluff is because I think it is hard.

I also happen to think angst is a lot of fun to write, but that is another matter.

6. I have not hand-written fic since I was in like fourth grade and writing 101 Dalmatians fanfic by hand with my BFF. The idea is totally foreign and crazy to me now. I mean, no spell check? No instant delete or rearrangement? I can type five times as fast as I can write! Y’ALL ARE WEIRD.

7. I, um, usually do not use a beta. CARDINAL SIN, I know. I don’t think there’s even a good excuse for it, aside from things like “can’t be bothered” and “I am shy”. Occasionally if I am unsure about a fic or something in it I’ll ask a friend to look it over first, but… yeah, most of my stuff is unbeta’d. IDK. I would like to say I am getting better, but I am definitely not one of those people who absolutely must get a fic read over by a certain person before it gets posted.

III. I am totally going to watch that not-Disney-but-everyone-thinks-it-is Anastasia movie for the first time tonight. I KNOW, I AM SO COOL.

IV. Day 12 – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

John Barrowman Writes and Performs Song Fic

Oh, John Barrowman.

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