Kali (_thirty2flavors) wrote,

truce, chapter 4

It's finished! Whooooo the first complete non-oneshot I've written in like, a zillion years.

Truce, Chapter 4
Summary: In the face of Lily and James' strengthening relationship, Sirius and Lily realize they have no choice but to make amends.
In this chapter: Sirius finds Lily. They finally reach an understanding.
Previous chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

There is, as I mentioned the possibility of an "epilogue" -- for lack of a better word -- but I'm still unsure as to whether I ought to write it or not. As one reviewer pointed out, it isn't particularly neccessary; you know that in the end they get along. I think the main reason I'm inclined to write it is simply because Truce has been so much fun to write, and I have grown quite fond of Sirius and Lily.

Anyway, tell me what you think. It's a bit of a cheesy end, perhaps, but... well. It had to happen. =)

As a matter of interest, I was searching for the latest chapter of Silly Love Songs (still in the works, I'm afraid) and ended up finding a scene I had completely forgotten I'd ever written, and that I later scrapped entirely. It's old -- obviously, or I'd remember it -- and not particularly well written, but I think I might put it up here just for interest's sake. What say you?

Tags: fic, lily evans, remus lupin, sirius black
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