Kali (_thirty2flavors) wrote,

truce, chapter 3

I've actually got about fifty billion things floating around in my head I'd like to write. Strange. Too bad none of them are poetry or applicable to the huge poetry anthology I've got due in a week.

Ah, well.

Anyway, here's one that's perhaps the most fun to write:

Truce, Chapter 3
Summary: In the face of Lily and James' strengthening relationship, Sirius and Lily realize they have no choice but to make amends.
In this chapter: Things go awry on Sirius and Lily's "date". Remus returns as the voice of reason.
Excerpt: “What? I’m being honest, none of that ‘oh, I’m doing lovely, thank you, and how are the kids?’ crap. I also know it’s exactly how you would answer, were you to take a break from being a bleeding heart humanitarian and answer honestly.”
Previously:Chapter One, Chapter Two

I know it's short. Sorry man. It was a good place to stop.


Reviews are awesome.

Tags: fic, lily evans, remus lupin, sirius black
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