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First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MULTIPLE FRANCE. I meant to write you fic ...and then my room was unexpectedly invaded all weekend. But I will get on that ASAP.

Due to said unexpected invasion of my room, it wasn't until today that I wound up getting to watch Doctor Who with goldy_dollar and her friend kazutakia. HMMM. Okay I watched this like six hours ago so I'm going to go with bullet points of things that I remember.

  • I still do not understand how he somehow took off his jacket and fell out of the TARDIS with his screwdriver in his teeth. LOL, show
  • The new intro is fine, except that when "MATT SMITH" appeared via lightning we all laughed our asses off. Okay then.
  • lololol Eleven making a kid cook for him and then bitching about how all her food is terrible.
  • Omfg, orphan bb Amy packing her bag and getting her coat and going to wait for the Doctor was like the saddest thing ever. Me, goldy_dollar and kazutakia were just like "NO NO NO DON'T DO THAT AWWWWW BABY AMY D: D: D:"
  • I liked the music in that scene. Murray Gold stuck around, right? Ilu, Murray Gold.
  • I have no idea what happened with the actual alien plot of this episode... which is basically status quo when I watch this show, so no change there. But something about silence coming? And the Doctor doesn't know about it? Series arc? Idk.
  • "Kiss-o-gram" is as close to "stripper" as the BBC would let him get, isn't it?
  • What was with the elaborate zooming in on Rory? kazutakia goldy_dollar was like "he has Google Street View in his head!" which, as we know from Waters of Mars, matches the Wikipedia.
  • "Aren't you going to turn your back?" "No." lirl. poor Rory.
  • Aww, Ten! And ... all those other ones. It is nice to see Eleven continuing the trend of scaring off aliens by showing off his Wikipedia entry.
  • The new TARDIS still looks like a rad club. I guess Eleven thinks so too. ~sexy~
  • Why does Amy trust him to return her the morning of her wedding when he has consistently FAILED at being on time?

In general, I was really entertained, and while it'll take me a little while to get firmly attached to the characters, I could see it happening. I think what they've done with Amy is really interesting, with the distrust and skepticism born out of childhood disappointment not just from the Doctor but presumably from others as well, so she could wind up being quite an interesting character. Eleven so far is hilarious, but he hasn't become exceptionally sympathetic yet. I think the times he seemed most sincere were when he was with baby Amy, but it's only been one episode so I'm not too concerned yet. ...And frankly, if after being punched in the grief bone the entire time he was Ten, Eleven decided to be an asshole, I could probably understand that.

All in all I enjoyed it and am eager for the next episode. AND IT IS NEXT WEEK INSTEAD OF SIX MONTHS FROM NOW. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!

Pictures of my puppy later, I think. I generally like to keep spoilers in their own post.
Tags: doctor who, kate & frances combine lj and rl, multiple france

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